Grappig: Fannetjes



lees ik vandaag op een forum (tweakers) dat de fan van de CH3SNAS veel beter aanschreven wordt als de fan van de CH3MNAS ..

Gelukkig bezit ik natuurlijk de CH3MNAS en de Ch3SNAS .. en kan ik een fotootje maken. Zoek de verschillen zou ik zeggen.

Exact dezelfde type fans .. Dus als er een fan zou ‘janken’ lijkt het mij exemplarisch … Daarnaast gaat de fan ook uit als de temperatuur dat toelaat en/of de HDD’s in ruststand zijn.

Meterkast temperatuur


Sommige mensen raken gestressed als de temperatuur van een NASje boven de 40 graden komt. Nou ik kan iedereen blij maken: mijn NASJE die 24/7 draait en al een paar Terrabytes aan data heeft gedownload draait op en top (zojuist 25GB met TeraCopy (TIP!) gekopieerd.

53 graden is geen enkel probleem. Mijn meterkast is buiten en haalt in de winter erg koude temperaturen en in de zomer extreme hoge temperaturen…

CH3SNAS: 1.05.b05 – fixing functions working in the past

After the latest release of 1.05.b04 I received a few e-mails of users telling that certain options did not work as expected
So we checked the submitted issues and today we release 1.05.b05

Release Notes

  • UPnP Server does not allow single quote ‘ in foldernames: fixed
  • Special character like ! in password could not be used anymore: fixed

Download the 1.05b05 here

if all goes well this release will be available as official download from the site next week.

Message to self: compiling nzbget

Compiling NZBGET at CH3SNAS with Fun_Plug 0.5 with libpar2 & libsigc++ (make sure you have installed all the Fun_Plug packages for compiling programs (gcc / uclibc)

Download svn onto CH3SNAS use for configure: (check

./configure –disable-tls –without-tlslib –with-libpar2-libraries=/ffp/lib –with-libsigc-libraries=/ffp/bin

TLS seems not to able to compile due to missing library (check this!) therefore disable it in

CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160


… just the step before official release !
Conceptronic is about to release a new official firmware for CH3SNAS. After some time of technical difficulties with the progress of the firmware with non working ftp, failing UPnP server(s) (in certain conditions) this firmware should finally fix that so that the 1.04 series can be left behind.

This firmware will be tested by the R&D of Conceptronic during this week  but for beta testers, early adaptors, people who trust me or like to use the latest features and functionalities: download here the latest CH3SNAS firmware version 1.05b04-r160

Release note:

  • Due to some changes internally the UPnP server could not restart in certain situation. This UPnP Server is supporting XBOX360 as well as PlayStation 3
  • We also fixed an bug that people could not format the disk when the new inserted disk has already an partition inside. This function is not yet reviewed and tested by the R&D of Conceptronic.

Extra info for CH3SNAS 1.05b3 & UPnP

I like to get feedback when I ask for it, but when feedback is given many people do lack to give good information.
it’s fine telling me that something is wrong, but how you test is not written or badly described.  That is a missed opportunity.
So some persons reported that the UPnP AV server of the 1.05b3 firmware for CH3SNAS is not running. Ok I can accept that. Knowing that it was tested by one of my engineers. Of course he could have made a mistake .. but he was instructed ;-)

So I awoke on the sunday, finised the preparation of soup of asparagus and after that on my free Sunday I took my development CH3SNAS which is only running fun_plug to get telnet.
Some weeks ago I tested for someone something else so my version is:


Above version was revoked due to non working FTP Server.
I uploaded a fresh folder with MP3 music

in telnet I gave the command: ps
to see if everything was running and refreshed on the fly. With the CFULLHDMA I accessed the CH3SNAS UPnP Server and I played on of the music files. Everything ok

  • 1708 root     inotify_upnp
  • 26875 root     /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 CONCEPTRONIC
  • 27203 root     sh -c UpdateDB -C -M “/mnt/HD_a2/1983 the 12 inches GMU/38Unique – What i got is what you need.mp3”
  • 27204 root     UpdateDB -C -M /mnt/HD_a2/1983 the 12 inches GMU/38Unique – What i got is what you need.mp3

Than I upgraded to:


And just rebooted the device: Hey .. indeed no UPnP Server running anymore only some prescan and inotify stuff but the actual UPnP Server no go .. mmm someone in the comments was actually right Damn ..

Let me try to start it manually through telnet:

/ # /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 “CONCEPTRONIC” “” “CH3SNAS” “C05-323” “test”
UPnP AV / MediaServer v2.03.0227.2009.
No CodePage
Segmentation fault

Uhm.. a Segmentation Fault .. wierd ..

Ok than I took my magic fingers, and at the backside I pressed the reset button (hell yeah, the BACK-SIDE and not the webinterface factory reset, cause that one does not do an actual forced hard reset. (to be sure 100% cause that thing is not placed there for nothing).

Restarted the CH3SNAS again and watched the magic happen.

  •  2596 root     /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 CONCEPTRONIC Grab’n’GO Media Store CH3SNAS C05-321
  • 2602 root     sh -c UpdateDB -C -M “/mnt/HD_a2/Bargrooves_15_2CD/02 – Bargrooves 15 – Manhattan – CD2 Compiled & Mixed By Mateo and Matos.mp3”
  •  2605 root     UpdateDB -C -M /mnt/HD_a2/Bargrooves_15_2CD/02 – Bargrooves 15 – Manhattan – CD2 Compiled & Mixed By Mateo and Matos.mp3

Wow .. my magic fingers worked .. and I am again playing another CD I uploaded to the device

Shoot. My UPnP Server is running. Now yours is on!

UPDATE 18.42H After a reboot I can reproduce issue like reported by 2 users. I will do some more testings tomorrow. (it seems that you should not reboot the device after factory defaults (sigh)). that’s not ok

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware CH3SNAS

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware

  • New: Support for XBOX360.
  • New: Support Uptime in menu.
  • Changed: Improved the imprecise counter of disk formatting. (Notice: make sure there does not exist ANY partition on the HDD (especially when using a HDD already used. If there exist a partition it can fail the format very quick after starting the process.
  • Fixed: LAN speeds is always providing speed: 0 (see SETUP – LAN in User Interface) : Fixed.
  • Fixed: Email alert issue : unable to send out email with some SMTP server.
  • Fixed: UPnP AV server can play MKV video, but can’t play VOB and HD DivX video.
  • Fixed : Schedule download function failure.
  • Fixed : FTP function failure.
  • Added support for some Hitachi drives
  • (Unify the error message wordings between UserInterface and EasySearch Utility.

Just before it will be released officially through the website, people who like to test can grab it and give feedback.

Download: Firmware 1.05b3

Download: Easy Search Utility

CH3SNAS & Debian: Yes, it’s possible but not for everyone

A lot of people use Fun_Plug to run alternative scripts on the CH3SNAS including the ability to run Debian from USB.

a few months back I donated 2 CH3SNAS to the people of Debian to make the CH3SNAS supported for the version ‘Lenny’ of Debian.

The following link will give you a complete install procedure to get rid off the normal CH3SNAS firmware and have the flash using an alternative firmware. Please note that this is not for pussies and certainly not for users without the ability to create a serial console and Linux knowledge

The alternative firmware will install an installer by default to partition and format your disks & install Debian’s Lenny. The only issue for me not using the firmware is that if your HDD is crashing you brick your device.

There must be someone working on putting OE in flash and then boot Debian with kexec, than the device could be saved or instead of putting OE in flash, put the installer in flash and something that will boot Debian. And if there is no disk, then boot the installer. It’s a nice idea, but it does not  exist currently (as I quote Martin Michlmayr  freely)If you have experience and you want to play: as long as the device is running, SSH is working and you can mount a USB stick you can refer to the original stock firmware by using this how-to

Above has been tested last week by me. A lot of of work has to be done by the Debian group to have more functions and recovery options enabled.

I only advise people to test it with a non production box and when you have enough experience.