How to fix you CHD3NET (RDC 2891 LANDISK)

This fix is for those who have a Conceptronic CHD3NET (or any device running RDC’s 2891 LANDISK chipset) and upgraded it to a new firmware but where it did not reboot properly: here’s the tip how-to restore the firmware especially when your firmware upgrade failed and you are only able to ping to the NAS.

Other features seem unusable to start: the web user interface at  cannot start and TFTP functions are also not functioning (RDC does not support Telnet) so it seems you are now the ‘proud’ owner of an USB storage device!

Here’s are the steps how you can try to fix your bricked LANDISK with RDC 2891 chipset:

1) Download the latest firmware
2) Download this file
3) unzip this file somewhere on you harddrive and browse to the ‘Utility Tool’  Directory. Execute Scan ip.exe and perform a scan, after a moment your NAS will be found by the program.

4) Select the NAS from the list and press the SETUP NAS button, you might get some error message but just ignore them. Now you’ll entered a menu where you’ll be able to download new firmware to the NAS.

5) Browse to the directory where you saved the .bin firmware and upload this to you NAS, afterwards you’ll need to reboot and back is you WebInterface

Thanks to Emiel Kosse

CH3SNAS firmware 1.04RC4

As it was the purpose to have the 1.04RC3 being released officially I’ve decided not to release it through the official channel. I have just received an important bugfix which was finished earlier than expected. So probably early next week this version will be released.

In this release only the following has been fixed:

  • The samba server time setting is not synchronized with FTP server and device web time setting.

This means that in certain conditions you could see time differences when uploading / copying files to the CH3SNAS. Download the 1.04RC4 here

Note: the PS3 issue is still under debugging. Playing a 7GB .ts media file can show the correct size, but it can only be played for 2 hours.

CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.04RC3

After listening to users of CH3SNAS I finally present you the 1.04RC3 which will be released on the official webpage soon as 1.04-0627 version

Release notes:

In this release we have fixed a number of issues needed to be fixed for an official release:

(this release is about to be released through the official channel as wel as official supported download)

  1. http://ch3snas/server.pem & http://ch3snas/etc/shadow can reveal information: fixed
  2. Certain UPnP Devices (Like PlayStation 3) could only browse but not play content: fixed
  3. Files > 2GB could not be played entirely: should be fixed
  4. Issue with mt-daapd when using bonjour tool: Partly fix: we only support to see the status. New features needed can be proposed and if useful, we can try to add.

Please reset your device to factory defaults after upgrading to have certain scripts work properly. Without resetting to factory defaults I cannot guarantee any option to work properly.

Download the 1.04RC3 file here.

CH3SNAS Firmware release 1.04RC1

Just released for those who like to test:

1.04RC1, if we get positive comments it will be released

Release notes:

We added/modified support for users and groups. The following does apply:

  • A user can be a member of more than one group
    There are, however, some restrictions:

under samba, user can see “ALL” folders which he has the right to access.
under ftp, user only can see “the last mentioned” folder which he has the right to access.

  • Workgroup can support any characters following the MS rule
  • The UPnP Server is supporting new additional formats like: FLAC, IFO, ISO, MKV, M2TS, VC1, DIVX, AAC, M4A, SUB, APE, FLV, DV.

Please test and send me updates about the instant update of the UPnP Database, there is no refresh or crontab anymore as content is instantly updated. But I need feedback if this is working properly.

  • Email alerts are now sent with valid hostname. Some SMTP servers did not accept the e-mails as a not valid hostname was sent.
  • Add support for RFC3834; the e-mail New mail header “Auto-Submitted: auto-generated” is added to the message header.
  • Add new function : clear printf queue, available at the menu optin Status -> Print Info
  • Fixing DNS name of NTP server like:” it was wrongly treated as IP string


CH3SNAS: Volume_1 & Volume_2 (sda / sdb)

CH3SNAS when using 1 disk, no matter which slot you are using: it will always be Volume_1 (standard mode or normal mode). Under the hood the Volume_1 is a a symbolic link to sda or sdb. If inserted left Volume_1 is a symbolic link to sdb if inserted right: the disk is sda

So at the bottom: the sda and sdb will make a reverse change, so the user won’t notice it has changed

So if you want to have sda equal to Volume_1 in all circumstances: start using the HDD in the right HDD tray. 

CH3SNAS 1.04a1 release

1.04a1 release CH3SNAS firwmware, 1st release in 1.04 range. Only for beta-testers.

Drop your comments here

  • UPnP Media Server content instantly updated by SMB and FTP transfer
  • Sending e-mail: allow the use of . and – in e-mail addresses
  • NFS v3 Server Support (kernel module support) enabled. Engineer forgot to enable it previous time(s) where it should be enabled as we wrote it was supported. Additional you need Fun_Plug to get it working
  • Scandisk feature: removed. Too much issues

This firmware is as-is and not qualified (yet) to be released through the website.

Beta testing new firmware CH3SNAS ?

I’ve new firmware available for those sending me an e-mail @ dennis @ aroundmyroom dot com

it’s 1.03 (0418.2008) where we have removed the scandisk function and fixed the e-mail issues with regard to the . and – characters not be able to use to store/save it.

In reply to reports of users mentioning that the HDD does not want to go into standby: engineers are not able to reproduce this <sigh>, so I must collect as much info as possible

  • How Much HDD? 1 or 2 ?
  • What is/are the brandname(s) of the HDD(s) ?
  • If you use 1 HDD, is it inserted LEFT or RIGHT (frontview) ?
  • If you use 2 HDD which one does not spindown ?
  • With which firmware did you format the HDD: 1.02, 1.03 ?
  • How is it formatted? Single Disk, Raid1 etc…
  • Do you use UPnP Server ?
  • Do you use iTunes Server ?
  • Did you enable PowerSave ?
  • Do you use Fun_Plug ?
  • Any other additional info you want to give?

LANDISK: RDC 2891 chipset

As a ‘source’ for the RDC 2882 and RDC 2891 chipset stuff (firmware / binaries, you name it)

I am releasing new stuff for the RDC 2891 chipset now 


  • – LOADER
  • – KERNEL

It is not for dummies, it’s ONLY for RDC 2891 chipset based LANDISKS and I do not give you any warranty if you brick your cheap device. Positive comments are welcome ;-)

Enjoy it. No explanation further how to use it: tftp or web-interface upload can work. I did not test it myself.