CFULLHDMA: beta firmware

  • Just released before the weekend for beta testers: version
  • Samba Mount could not be removed after unplugging cable
  • Samba shares could not be found, when you leave the server and you enter it again adding a new Samba share it will not show server list (code scenario)
  • Fixing the display of JPEGs not correctly (grey images with wierd stripe through it)
  • Fixing a space in the URL issue (web interface)
  • Fixing DVD chapter issue (hickup video/audio)
    note: many times IFO files are incorrect and causing issues during playback of a DVD,. So rather denying an error we have to make ways around the error.

Beta program stops 31-07-2008

CFULLHDMA: Remote Control

I saw a request (but cannot find the e-mail anymore) from someone asking if it could be possible to separate the power ON and power OFF for the CFULLHDMA

Unfortunately, the Power ON/OFF is not only controlled by Firmware. the IR codes are, next to firmware, also controlled by another micro processor (a very small IC on the PCB) so therefor it’s not supported. I’ll keep it in mind.

If you want to have the IR codes: find them here

Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware 1.09.10

To be released to beta testers later today:

Version 1.09.10

  • fixed: Volume level was / is not saved after turning off the device.
  • fixed: ISO could not be played anymore through SAMBA and USB HDD
  • Fixed: Movies and Subtitles with lots of ‘dots’ in the filename and in the same folder was only displaying the subtitle at first file. Rest of the files could not display the subtitle file.
  • fixed: Solved stream issue: stop playing after the advertisement check with: stream

v1.09.09 internal release, not released.

Note: beta testers have reported issues with some MKV files. They are still under investigation / debugging

CFULLHDMA: beta testers unite ..

Available in the market is the Conceptronic CFULLHDMA, a FULL HD able player based on a Sigma Designs Chipset. The device is about to play almost anything and users are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible so that the device is meeting your needs as HD junkie

The released / shipping firmware is 1.08.04 but development did not stop. Through the Internet Upgrade users can already upgrade the device to 1.08.09 1.09.10

Firmware release notes for people who like to read them: (for newer version, please find it here under the CFULLHDMA tag ..

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Cebit Pre-Preview: Conceptronic MediaGiant




Last Friday a lot of websites (like Engadget) reported about the Conceptronic MediaGiant to be presented during Cebit 2008. Above the first 6 images I made from a sample device. Hit the image to get a bigger one to try to see more details.

it’s not ready for sale yet .. but we are working on that. A MultiMedia Player with tons of features including Twonky UPnP Media Server, GuidePlus, A Touchpanel, HDMI, Component etc..


Starting from EUR 349,– (depending on the size of HDD and if you need the Ethernet over Power yes or no (really kewl feature))

If you need a full HDTV capable playing device than your wish is the successor of the C54WMP: the CFULLHDMA (with 1080p support, MKV, MOV etc. etc!

You can find me in Hall 25 ;-)