CFULLHDMA(i) – Beta Firmware 1.20.01

Beta firmware version CFULLHDMA & CFULLHDMAi with a number of fixes and a new feature

Fixed: Subtitle control page hang issue (it’s now clear what you select)
Fixed: palette bmp palette issue
Added: Support for *.trp video files
Fixed: picture crash
New Feature: support for the M-Jpeg codec for avi (oh yeah, many people will love this)

Link for download for beta testers will be made available later today, Next week official released through the internet upgrade.

CFULLHDMA(i) Beta firmware News: 1.19.02


Released to beta testers:

Fixed: Youtube does not to play
Fixed: sub/idx hang
Fixed: ResetToDefault DTS option
Fixed: Photo display inform under slideshow
Fixed: bmp crash

Suprise: check the srt sub function pressing the sub key on the remote. Note: it will ONLY work on SRT files ! Embedded subs: no go ! and it is highly experimental, so some functions will not work as expected yet.

CFULLHDMA(i): New beta firmware 1.17.52


  • New: Option to select Gigabit or 10/100 Network speed. This should give positive effect on stability and heat.
  • Fixed: Youtube cannot play anymore
    Experimental: Add Samba Client manual input
    1. username@password//server/share
    2. //server/share
  • Note: samba link will be added under the main share like a shortcut. Function is not validated nor approved nor really functional yet. Very experimental.

  • New: Support for MicroDVD .sub subtitle files
  • Fixed: 1080p24 GUI flicker issue 

Find the new functions under the setup, advanced settings menu.

CFULLHDMA: 1.16.05

Because the function is kewl:

Fix Shoutcast issue (error 301 solved)
Improve the performance for Youtube
New: Support DTS/AC3/WMA/AAC S/PDIF setting in the Setup menu (S/PDIF RAW or PCM)

Music (OGG/FLAC Audio) is selected automatically for PCM

Released to beta-testers

Update: I got some good feedback today where some beta testers report that they cannot alter any setting in the Audio Menu and have as a result of this no output to their amplifier anymore. This kind of feedback is very very welcome !

Update 2: it’s confirmed that in some circumstances the audio options are greyed out. This is fixed in a next firmware release. A workaround for now is to reset the device to factory defaults.

CFULLHDMA(i) – Beta firmware 1.16.02

Beta firmware v01.16.02

  • New Function: Use EDID to select the HDMI highest mode at the first boot.
  • Fixed: some mp3 files cannot play to the end
  • Fixed wrong Bittorrent status (CFULLHDMAi)
  • Fixed: some JPEG files could crash the system
  • Fixed: 8bit BMP file crash when using in Thumbnail mode
  • Changed: minimum volume set as -54dB. Max volume does not mess with quality
  • Changed maximum volume as 0dB to fix some noise issues.
  • Changed: WPA-PSK as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (WPA AES is auto detect, and supported)
  • Change iMedia location for furthur support
  • New Function: Enable Youtube feature ( Only for CFULLHDMAi ) – Beta !

We already know that some streams randomly will generate: failed to play this stream we want to hear your comments about the usability and if you can use the implementation.

Beta firmware version information will be send later today to beta testers

Preparing some FW (firmware) release


added uptime support, but … no support on shell level. Sorry.


Lan settings fixed as well ..

More items? Probably .. xbox360 support, I can send e-mails …

For E-mail we have some neat things

Received: from 123.456.789 (HELO (123.456.789)

Ahhh… full domain offered so that it will be accepted by mailservers only accepting full qualified domainnames.

Subject: CH3SNAS_E-Mail_Alert
Message-ID: <>
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated

Ahh .. Auto-Submitted, again using RFC’s so that certain mailservers do not have to reply.

I’ll release the new firmware for the CH3SNAS asap ;-)

TJBCNYRBV: CFULLHDMA 1.15.01 beta firmware

The Just Before Chinese New Year Released Beta Version


changed: adding [ ] around items in list screen to give better view
Added: NTPClient server (for use with CFULLHDMAi)
Fixed: AC3 audio hickup passthrough
Fixed: Screen Saver issue (due to NTP)
Fixed: Ogg 6 channel issue
Fixed: DVD subtitle looping issue
Fixed: hang issue when connecting USB HDD.
Fixed:HDMI auto-sync caused there is no sound in HDMI when playing some files

Beta firmware only available for Beta-Testers

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.14.04

v01.14.04 beta
New: Upgrade Sigma Design SDK to
New: Add Shoutcast feature ( beta and simple implementation: buffering time is long right now due to SDK ).
New: Add Simple JPEG exif information for photo
New: Add hard drive and usb flash information when connected to the USB port
Fixed: HDMI auto-sync caused there is no sound through HDMI when playing some files.
Fixed: MPEG2 and TS video files cannot change audio track in new SDK.
Fixed: some DLNA failed items.
Fixed: system hangs if the server is gone suddently at start playing
Fixed that system hangs when accessing all video on some NAS *UPnP*

Above release notes is for v1.14.04
This release is only available for beta testers. As we are using a new SDK many items have to be checked. So expect not everything to be running smootly, but your comments are welcome on the forum and trac page. That is why you are beta tester ;-)

HDMI Auto Sync

The upcoming beta release of the CFULLHDMA has HDMI Auto Sync.

This means following: if you have a TV supporting EDID you see the available resolutions of your TV. When playing video the CFULLHDMA will detect what is the frame rate and will adjust the screen resolution accordingly.


In above image you see the resolution at 60Hz. We start a movie with 24Hz and than we get the folowing resolution seen on the TV

(you will see the loading icon, the screen will adjust, loading icon will disappear, than re-appear and the TV will show th 24hz)

As seen in the image below