Fidel Castro Dead?

fidel_dood.jpgEuh? Fidel Castro dead? Where is the real source if this is true .. Never trust a Celeb Drama Queen!

But if it’s true .. than what will happen with CUBA?

Will his brother be the chief? Dictator? Will the inhabitants of Cuba get into war?

Will the US of A enter Cuba and make it another State? What will be happening?

More information can be found at wikipedia about Fidel

From our drag Queen Perez:

Update: An official announcement is still expected today. We are hearing that law enforcement wants to wait until rush hour traffic is over in Miami.

The announcement of Fidel Castro’s death will be made at approximately 4:00 P.M. Eastern, has just been updated exclusively.

To everyone in Miami, please be mindful of each other and keep your safety in mind.

Perez still stands his story .. but still no announcement ;-) .. oh oh ..

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