Kewl New feature WordPress

Adding a link gives a new feature in wordpress (not working in IE8 yet, cause it cannot update / insert the link)


I updated my wordpress with a new build but I could not see if it was updated correctly, adding a link today and I discovered the version was actually correct updated ;-)

with above feature you can find previous entries without the need to open a new tab in your browser to seek for that entry.

WordPress 2.3

Tried to upgrade to 2.3 on a test wordpress installation. Exporting entries and importing it went ok (but over 4000 entries takes too long so I had to re-do that 4 or 4 times. But again on 2.3 I find the ‘ARRAY’ issue appearing in the admin interace and weblog (standard template)

Compability is going to be less with WordPress and all the version(s) they release. It’s a pain in the ass. and I am  not happy about it.  I am my own ISP with Bluequartz system on CentOS 4.x and various settings are hard to made or upgrade without breaking the whole back-end admin interface of the Server I run.