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Even weer wat Yuixx informatie …

Voor het eind van het jaar moet de Conceptronic YuiXX op de markt komen. Het wordt de eerste mediaspeler ter wereld die gebaseerd is op de Intel CE3100 chip en daarmee is het apparaat krachtiger dan welke andere mediaspeler dan ook (Volgens Koen Crijns van Hardware.Info).

Ga me niet vastpinnen op een release datum .. die kan en ga ik je niet geven ;-)

Hardware.Info had / kreeg en heeft de primeur vandaag met extra info en een filmpje op de website waarin een introductie van de Yuixx, de GUI en functionaliteit wordt weergegeven.

CFULLHDMA(i) – Beta Firmware 1.20.01

Beta firmware version CFULLHDMA & CFULLHDMAi with a number of fixes and a new feature

Fixed: Subtitle control page hang issue (it’s now clear what you select)
Fixed: palette bmp palette issue
Added: Support for *.trp video files
Fixed: picture crash
New Feature: support for the M-Jpeg codec for avi (oh yeah, many people will love this)

Link for download for beta testers will be made available later today, Next week official released through the internet upgrade.

Conceptronic MediaTitan Firmware News

Not written much about the Conceptronic MediaTitan as a lot is discussed on the forum, hosted on my platform. But yeah we have many mediaplayer with various functions ..

But as I have some nice news for the users … I can announce the availability of new firmware to be released soon. Very soon

Release Notes for 1.3.16.xxxx

  • Fixed: FF/RW issues on files
  • Fixed: EPG issues with TV3/K33
  • Fixed: DVB-T Pixalation
  • Fixed: Italy DVB-T Channels issue
  • Fixed: On certain action Mediatitan could crash
  • Improved: the way of zapping channels for TV
  • Improved: Wireless connection stability (only for Wireless version)
  • Improved: as written in fixed: the stability of the player when forward / rewind video on recorded TV, local video and network
  • Improved: Searching for new devices in the network

YuiXX news: Steve would be impressed ;-)


Running Mozilla on the Conceptronic YuiXX with Intel’s CE3100 SoC

Some leaked specs:
  • 33MB Memory usage of the whole browser application
  • Only 2~6% CPU usage is being used by the browser application
  • Just 1.2 seconds Onetime startup of the browser application

This Application is running at 1080p @ 60Hz, natively on the OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG of the Intel CE 3100 processor.

Enough power is left for other applications like: Multiple Applications in the Widget Channel, Samba, NFS etc.. More surprises will be revealed later.

Yuixx – CE 3100 – Streaming HD media Player / IPTV solution

2L International & Metrological announced today in a press release the first ready-to-market streaming HD media Player / IPTV solution based on Intel(r) Media processor CE 3100 (Metrological press release including images can be found here)


Involved in the project I can of course tell and show a little more than what the press release is announcing. In short: The device is focussing on HD content, streaming media and much more! I’m impressed about the quality of the Intel CE 3100 (aka Canmore SoC) which is totally different from all the solutions I have seen before and worked with. Yes it does 1080p at 1920*1080, it has HDMI 1.3a, Composite, Component, Stereo, S/PDIFF optical, USB at the back and USB at the front, SD/MMC cardreader and optional: smartcard reader & all kinds of Digital Tuner cards.

Last year Intel & Yahoo announced the availability of Widgets and they can be embedded as well. What to think about Twitter on your TV or Flickr or many other Widgets?

At birth the guys of Conceptronic gave the

Beta Firmware released

After getting only 1 or 2 serious issues reported in the firmware (failing DVD playback after x minutes and/or some issues with DVD menu) we analyzed some content and found the bug and could solve it which resulted in the release of The user experience should be awesome now if it was not already ;-)

It’s the intention to release this version to the public through the official channel.

Release note for

Fixing playback of DVD video causing the CFULLHDMA to crash/hang
Fixing some AVI files giving too few IFrames, causing the CFULLHDMA to hang
Fixing a bug causing no sound to have on HDMI when changing video output when playing music files