CH3MNAS – successor and replacer of CH3SNAS


A nerdy image of 4 CH3SNASses and on the left the little new brother CH3MNAS.
More images of the internal parts will follow ;-)

Questions answered:
functionality is similar as CH3SNAS but it has more flashmemory so we can upgrade certain services and programs.
fun_plug is working
toolchain is glibc rather than uclibc.

more detailed info: find it here


22 thoughts on “CH3MNAS – successor and replacer of CH3SNAS

  1. Eric says:

    Too bad.. The ‘old’ concept was perfect. Lean and mean following KISS rules.

    When (Conceptronic) would have settled for the original housing but with better (WOL would be great) features, it WOULD have been an improvement.

    Jumping from uclibc to glibc makes it more fat also.

    One happy ch3snas user (alrighty, 4 of them).

  2. the ch3mnas keeps using the KISS rules. The reason why the CH3SNAS will be replaced is that the some components are not available anymore and therefor this device cannot be manufactured anymore.

    The CH3MNAS is the replacer so mainly same functions but could be more improved with other functionality where this is not possible for the CH3SNAS anymore.

    Also the original housing we could not use anymore. And to be honest I like the CH3MNAS more than the CH3SNAS especially cause the LED’s show that the disks go into standby ;-)

    it’s true that glibc makes it more fat but it’s easier for our developers to maintain

  3. Yes WOL would be a improvement for a real NAS System (so I can configure it remotely on every situation) , but I think the cost of this Unit are the point where conceptronic didn’t produce it.
    Or is that wrong Dennis?
    Do you know a way where I can make the NAS WOL ready with a external adapter or something else.



  4. quattro says:

    WOL is nice, yes.. but the unit consumes only 7W while in standby.
    the same or less than the usual internet gear commonly found in a geeks home (dsl-modem, router, switch,..) so I see not problem keeping it on all the time.

    auto-on after a power outage would be nice though.
    but a UPS will be the remedy.

  5. Aleks says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I have 3 questions

    1) In what format does the CH3MNAS writes its raid data (ext2/ext3 etc?) I wasn’t able to find this information on the conceptronic site yesterday. I’m assuming the CH3MNAS uses some sort of software RAID…?

    2) What are the max drives size supported by the NAS (can these be enlarged through firmware..a year from now everybody will be using 1.5-2TB I guess)

    3) What if (and I do say IF) in a few years from now, my (soon to be purchased) CH3MNAS mobo blows up, (CH3MNAS of course by then is no longer available). How would one be able to retrieve the data from the drives?

  6. Jasper says:

    Mijn CH3SNAS is opgeblazen door bliksem, de schijven hebben het echter overleeft. Kan ik die zo in een nieuwe CH3MNAS stoppen zonder te formatteren.
    Werkt de funplug van Fonz ook?

  7. Jasper

    Yep disks can be transferred but no 100% guarantee that it’s going to work ;-)
    fun_plug works but keep in mind that toolchain of CH3MNAS is glibc rather than uclibc Fonz is using. So it could give issues on certain points

  8. Rick says:

    Hi Dennis,

    just a little question, I own one ch3snas but I want now a second nas. But the ch3snas is replaced by ch3mnas, is the searchtool for the old model is usable for the new model? Or must I use the searchtool as well?

    Maybe I look for a second hand ch3snas or buy for around 30 euros more the new model?


  9. @opperpanter: nope, there is no different DNS-xxx that is the same. But .. there are some similar devices sharing same type of toolchain, that is why I was able to create the CH3MNAS nzbget. It needs different binary.

  10. misschien ligt het wel in het feit dat je e.e.a. niet geformatteerd hebt onder de nieuwe situatie ..
    wie weet.
    ik weet wel dat de recycle bin optie er standaard niet in zit.

  11. Tijl says:

    Misschien, maar dat zou me toch sterk verbazen.
    Andere opties in het smb.conf bestand werken wel. Zelfs als ik er een hoop rommel in typ doet hij daar niet moeilijk over en negeert het gewoon.
    Ik merk dat hij “allergisch” is voor het de term “vfs object = ” en “vfs objects = “. Zelfs als ik “vfs objects = audit” of vfs objects = blablabla” erin zet, verdwijnen alle shares. Zelfs de root is dan niet meer toegankelijk via SMB.
    Al de rest gaat wel nog (telnet, ftp, webservice,…).

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