CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160


… just the step before official release !
Conceptronic is about to release a new official firmware for CH3SNAS. After some time of technical difficulties with the progress of the firmware with non working ftp, failing UPnP server(s) (in certain conditions) this firmware should finally fix that so that the 1.04 series can be left behind.

This firmware will be tested by the R&D of Conceptronic during this week  but for beta testers, early adaptors, people who trust me or like to use the latest features and functionalities: download here the latest CH3SNAS firmware version 1.05b04-r160

Release note:

  • Due to some changes internally the UPnP server could not restart in certain situation. This UPnP Server is supporting XBOX360 as well as PlayStation 3
  • We also fixed an bug that people could not format the disk when the new inserted disk has already an partition inside. This function is not yet reviewed and tested by the R&D of Conceptronic.

44 thoughts on “CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160

  1. Lothar says:

    Wonderful, my upnp server is running again! :-)
    As far as I have seen everything else should be ok now, besides a minor problem I’ve encountered. Until now all of my computers saw the CH3SNAS under “network” , but this is gone now.
    Fortunately I’m still able to mount the CH3SNAS directories under the IP address, but no longer under their names. E.g. “\\ch3snas\Volume_1” does not work (error message is obviously “network path not found”), but attaching the NAS under
    “\\\Volume_1” works perfect – this is the intranet IP address of my box.

    Neither a soft reset to factory defaults, nor a hard reset (via rear switch) changed this.

    I’m running Vista x64 on two boxes in my LAN and also one system running Windows 7 x64 RC, all systems show the same behaviour.

    So, take care and keep up the good work!

  2. HSishi says:

    If you get this with a single PC then the problem is the DNS client on this PC. Due to all your PC’s have this, this might be a problem of the DNS server of your router. It seems to have lost the name entry for the CH3SNAS (Lease time ?).

    Solution: Restart the router, should fix it.


  3. Mark says:

    I got it running, but now I can’t ssh into my CH3SNAS anymore! Because I’m running fun_plug, I enabled sshd (worked) and disabled telnetd. But now (after the firmware update) it says “access denied” when I try to log in.

    How can I fix this? I don’t want to reinstall fun_plug… hopefully there’s another way!

  4. Lothar says:

    @HSishi: Thanks, that did it :-) Rebooting the router and everything else in my local net did the trick… I love all Microsoft products :-)

  5. WayRunner says:

    upnp is working OK and prescan and inotify processes are 0% Great!!!

    I don’t have any issue in network

    But I found a little problem, the fan. My box is 45º degrees (from 49º) and the fun is working all the time

    Mark: Don’t worry, copy fun_plug.tgz to the root and you could do telnet, run the pwconv, passwd root, login, and scripts to re-set my root password

  6. HSishi says:

    For the Name server problem Lothar had: All my network devices use DHCP, but my router can assign a fix IP to a specific device so basically the IP doesn’t change. Unfortunately, not all routers support this feature (with factory delivery firmware).


    I upgraded the FW to this pre-release without disabling funplug and could still telnet the box. I don’t use SSH because I have a pretty small network (why making things complicated w/o need?)

    Oh, and I didn’t have any big problems after the FW upgrade. UPNP etc. work fine. I just wonder why my UPNP player has to wait that long for a response when I browse through the database. Maybe it’s just because my collection is that big :) ).

    For the Fan problem … the current FunPlug has a good fan module. Either my fan runs very slow or is mostly off. Maybe it’s because I have a SSD harddisk where the funplug and the main servers reside.


  7. Lothar says:

    HSishi, so does my router. It is a SMC WBR14-N2 who is able to make IP reservations for specific devices, although they run on DHCP. Very nice feature, indeed!

    Besides that, I’m very impressed and pleased with this firmware release. NB, the average temperature has dropped about 2 degrees (Dennis, did your engineers make some fan script optimizations??).

    Very impressive, now just some BT client and a decent photo server in software/firmware and we’re all set :-)

  8. Lothar says:

    I understand that Dennis, but I’m talking about a comparison 1.05b3 vs. 1.05b4.
    Whatever, I’m glad with this fw release :-)

  9. 1.05b3 to 1.05b4

    upnp was fixed
    i saw that inotify is not giving high cpu load anymore
    and the format stuff (be able to format hdd’s with partitions)

    nothing with fan as far as i know.

  10. Wayrunner, that is written in the FAQ of Conceptronic

    How does the fan control of the CH3SNAS work?
    The fan in the CH3SNAS is temperature controlled, which means it reacts according to the temperature of the hard disks inside the CH3SNAS.

    Since firmware version 1.05b1 the temperature controlled fan scheme is as following:

    Rising temperature:
    lower 46°C – fan is off
    46 – 49°C – fan is in low speed (4.000 rpm)
    greater 49°C – fan is in high speed (6.400 rpm)

    Falling temperature:
    > 46°C – fan is in high speed (6.400 rpm)
    46-43°C – fan is in low speed (4.000 rpm)
    < 43°C – fan is off


  11. wayrunner says:

    Thanks Dennis, and sorry. I was in a mistake with the difference between rising and falling temperature.

    Will it be in OSTORA? ;-)


  12. dude says:

    Firmware updated with no problems.
    upnp server works fine on my television set.
    inotify back at 0% CPU, thanks for that!

    Funny that after the “restore to factory defaults” there was no message from PuTTY.
    Normally it warns me for a different ssh-rsa key fingerprint.

    Is the reset really wiping out all the flash memory?

  13. Not even then, i think. Probably only the configuration files get wiped, otherwise there would be no system afterwards…

  14. dude says:

    Is there any difference between pressing the button on the back or do the “restore to factory defaults” in the GUI?
    The manual tells me the button is doing the same.

  15. Ron says:

    If I update the version from 1.05b1 to 1.05b04 the date of the firmware on the NAS still shows:
    Current Firmware Version : 1.05
    Firmware Date : 12/31/2008

    I cannot see if the firmware in fact is properly updated, is this correct?

    I tried both this download and the one on the conceptronic website.

  16. Mark says:

    The firmware is great! However, one bug still remains. I’ve had it with every firmware since 1.02: very often, when I open the “iTunes Server” page in the CH3SNAS web setup, the process gets killed and the setup site is unreacheable.

    I’ve been able to reproduce it. Now, if I telnet into the box, open the iTunes page (which kills the site) and then I can start /web/webs from telnet myself. If I then go to the iTunes page again, I see that it segfaults:

    root@NAS:~# /web/webs
    client_ip =
    Segmentation fault

    This happens every time I try it, no exceptions.

  17. Mark says:

    And the UPNP media server seems to have trouble with single quotes in filenames/folders:

    root@NAS:~# get_parid():1Exe SQL query Error[select ObjID from path_objid_tbl where path ==’/mnt/HD_a2/Music/Antiloop – At The Rebel’s Room/’;]

  18. Mark says:

    And I don’t know if this has anything to do with the firmware, but the last couple of days, my Windows boxes can’t find the CH3SNAS by its device name I entered in the settings. Windows also doesn’t show the NAS in the Network places.

    Using the IP works fine though.

    So for example, going to http://nas or \\nas doesn’t work anymore (even though the name is set to nas, I checked) but and \\ work fine!

  19. Oliver says:

    Mark said:
    And the UPNP media server seems to have trouble with single quotes in filenames/folders:

    root@NAS:~# get_parid():1Exe SQL query Error[select ObjID from path_objid_tbl where path ==’/mnt/HD_a2/Music/Antiloop – At The Rebel’s Room/’;]
    I can confirm that, to be more precise, problem SEEMS to arise ONLY if the single quote is in the FOLDER NAME:

    Case 1 – this doesn’t work:
    /mnt/HD_a2/TEST/Jeff’s Birthday 2008/Jeff’s Birthday 2008.avi

    Case 2 – this DOES work:
    /mnt/HD_a2/TEST/Jeffs Birthday 2008/Jeff’s Birthday 2008.avi

    In first case you’ll get an “DLNA-Error 2114” on your Playstation 3 if you want to stream from your CH3SNAS, other folders (without single quote in folder name) still work.

    – remove single quote from folder name
    – to to CH3SNAS Web-Configuration and refresh your UPNPAV-Server via refresh-button (a progress-window pops up, this could take a while …)
    – in the meantime shut your PS3 down (if it was switched on), wait for refresh of UPNPAV-Server to finish then restart your PS3
    – try to playback your video, it should work now!

    //for testing purposes I had copied the folder from case1 (above) and removed the single quote, so I had both folder with exact same avi-file. One folder worked in DLNA PS3, the other threw back error-message (see above).

  20. Paul says:

    Hi, just installed 1.05b4-r160 and tried to set the adminpassword using the configpages. It seems the problem with the special characters is back. I can’t use the password I had with 1.05b1 (contains special character ! ).

  21. Mark says:

    Dennis, I’m referring to the page in the CH3SNAS configuration web (eg http://ch3snas) > Advanced > iTunes Server

    I just navigated to it again, it loads half the page and now I can’t reach the configuration web anymore. Obviously the /web/webs process segfaulted again.

    Btw, the problem I noted before about the NAS not being found by its name, really must be a firmware problem. When I go to the configuration page > Setup > Device, and then save settings, it works again!

  22. @Paul & Oliver I will be looking into this

    @Mark: disable fun_plug and check if you still have same issue. We have seen several issues with fun_plug enabled. When fun_plug enabled it’s better to use the iTunes implementation of the fun_plug guys rather than the implemented one.

  23. PeterS says:

    I can confirm Mark’s problem with not being able to find the CH3SNAS by name until you press the save button on the configuration page where you enter the name, workgroup and description.
    This is on a clean configuration without fun_plug.

  24. PeterS

    to what issue are you refering to from Mark? Mark does write about Itunes you write about something else I believe

  25. Roy says:

    Hmm, when resetting my NAS settings and running the wizard after reboot gives some problems. Password settings are not saved. I can’t control (turn off) upnp. I can’t mount the drive in WinXP (it prompts login, after that it shows ‘failed to map drive’.

    Just found no settings are saved

  26. pedro says:

    Any news on the new firmware? I’d really like to use the upnp with my XBOX 360…

    I find twonkyserver to be very unpractical, adding new media is difficult

  27. Redyak says:

    I use the CH3SNAs with an NP2500 Streamium from Philips. I can\’t get it to work.
    Het recognizes the folder but i can\’t play all files. One album i can see and play , the other it shows half but plays all when i stat an track one.
    I removed al quotes but at no succes.
    Further the new firmware works like a charm in my network. I did not use an funplug what so ever.

  28. huib says:


    Ik heb net de nieuwe firmware van de CH3SNAS geinstalleeerd omdat ik terug wil van Raid 1 naar Standard (enkele schijven). Ik heb nu twee partities (Raid en de rest Jbod). Volgens de firmware bijgevoegde tekst, zou een probleem met aanwezige partities voor nieuw formatteren zijn opgelost.

    Vlak na de start van het formateren (hij springt dan van 1,77% naar 10%) krijg ik een foutmelding: Hard Drive(s) Formatting Failure. en moet ik herstarten.

    Enig idee wat ik kan doen om mijn beide schijven Standard geformatteerd te krijgen?


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