The Boxee Box Trouble

So .. and finally we see the issue of Boxee Box with a possible ‘violation’ of the GPLv3 ..

Where Boxee with D-Link are also using Intel CE chipset, I was involved in a project called YuiXX also having similar chipset. During the project I emphasized a number of times to the developers that ‘closed source’ can happen but the GPL rules must be taken into account (especially when using GPLv3). I hope they listened but as the product had huge delays due to various reasons I

CFULLHDMAi Firmware Updated

Thanks to the MKV specification and the usage of a certain part of that specs by the release group IMMERSE many Mediaplayer vendor had to update their devices with a new updated firmware where they follow the spec. When not following and using a TV series release from IMMERSE there was suddenly no sound anymore (and: I noticed that with those MKV’s they already put english subtitles as well).

So after getting a notice, the guys at Conceptronic (I am not part of Conceptronic anymore, so do not blame me when you have an issue) jumped to their developers and after debugging and testing a first release fixing this issue was released today.

Find here the firmware for the CFULLHDMA


Ah .. I see that people at work made public one of our latest projects: The Conceptronic MediaTitan and someone told mpcclub after reading the newspage

a complete new kind of media player (yep all kind of formats can be played (like the cfullhdma)) / recorder with DVB-T functionalities. Especially for those countries with large DVB-T usage (free to air) .. the remote control is awesome rocking in usability but totally different in what people are used to use …

the design is slick and slim and it was kept very simple.

Internal is a nice new processor (will be revealed later) ;-)

Especially on the GUI the dev team has worked hard for many month’s to get a nice usable GUI (Graphical User Interface)

A small hint or tip of the main menu:

CFULLHDMA: function implementation

A much requested feature is the ability to jump into a movie on time level. Right now we only implemented a jump feature on 50% level.

Our current design is: when entering 50 you will jump to 50% of the movie. This function we will keep (I like it very much).

New: when pressing 0 it will enable the: ‘seek by time indicator’ function and show: 00:00:00 for the time input. If you enter with the numeric keypad the following sequence, for example: 0 010010 than you will jump to 01:00:10 into the movie; 0 005000 will jump to 00:50:00 into the movie. etc..

This is the first step which needs to be completed and if complete than we can also adjust the time jump function using the PREV/NEXT key.

Feature is under development now

As an experiment I have added a kind of ‘bug/feature trac system’ so that everyone can enter his ‘issues’ in it. Maybe this would be helpful for us.

Official Release: CFULLHDMA

Ah .. good start of the week ..

Just released through official channel (internet upgrade) CFULLHDMA firmware version

  1. Updated: support changing audio track (Lang Key) for MKV files.
  2. Fixed: sound disappears after fast forward for playing some wmv files.
  3. Fixed: iMedia list restore issue after power down.
  4. Fixed: NFS shares cannot resume and play.
  5. Fixed: DVD menu issue.
  6. Fixed: MKV subtitle disappeare issue.
  7. Fixed: DVD [LANG] key issue.
  8. Fixed: AVI mutltiple language srt issue.
  9. Fixed: When a Samba device could be mounted with Public/Guest it was not possible to enter a folder of that share which was protected with a username / password, now it is possible cause a username and password is asked.

CFULLHDMA: 1.10.02 firmware

Based on a new Linux kernel I am releasing a new beta firmware version with following fixes/changes:


  1. Updated: support changing audio track (Lang Key) for MKV files.
  2. Updated: language translation.
  3. Fixed: sound disappears after fast forward for playing some wmv files.
  4. Changed Linux Kernel 2.4x version to 2.6.15.
  5. Fixed: iMedia list restore issue after power down.
  6. Fixed: NFS shares cannot resume and play.
  7. Fixed: DVD menu issue.
  8. Fixed: MKV subtitle disappeare issue.
  9. Fixed: DVD [LANG] key issue.
  10. Fixed: AVI mutltiple language srt issue.

Known issues:

  • Some jpeg images cannot be shown correctly.
  • no support for Video file auto detection (4:3 / 16:9 issue).
  • Some DVD’s still do not allow switching audio or subtitle by remote.
  • Some DVD’s will give a hickup during switch chapter.
  • Some TS files do show wierd encoding artefacts when playing.

there are more issues not written in this list but you can find them here

The new firmware is only available for beta testers.

After a nice weekend

We promised ourselves to start or end a good day with Champagne or a Cava ;-)

We are again busy with firmware(s) … it never stops ;-)

People do not know what ROT13 is .. I wrote somewhere a sentence, but no-one did notice it yet .. It has a easter-egg / feature / functionality hint in it ..

Testing some features/ functions of the CFULLHDMA after some feedback users

I’ve received some new files which are not playable … it’s good to get a lot content to see if it’s playable yes or no ..

Let’s make it available to some people .. ;-)

Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware release 1.09.08


  • Changed: Updated icon for Samba shares (based on Samba Logo)
  • Added:  support MKV ASS
  • Added: Support MKV embedded .sub
  • Added: Support for P24 (1080p mode)
  • Added: Support for AVI2.0 (OpenDML)
  • Fixed: Subtitle new line issue \N { & }  etc..  in MKV
  • Fixed: NFS edit (IMEDIA) issue, adding / editing was not possible
  • Fixed: Device could crash when modifying URL to access webinterface over UPnP port

Quick adding NFS links or other imedia url’s can be done through: