Official Release: CFULLHDMA

Ah .. good start of the week ..

Just released through official channel (internet upgrade) CFULLHDMA firmware version

  1. Updated: support changing audio track (Lang Key) for MKV files.
  2. Fixed: sound disappears after fast forward for playing some wmv files.
  3. Fixed: iMedia list restore issue after power down.
  4. Fixed: NFS shares cannot resume and play.
  5. Fixed: DVD menu issue.
  6. Fixed: MKV subtitle disappeare issue.
  7. Fixed: DVD [LANG] key issue.
  8. Fixed: AVI mutltiple language srt issue.
  9. Fixed: When a Samba device could be mounted with Public/Guest it was not possible to enter a folder of that share which was protected with a username / password, now it is possible cause a username and password is asked.

10 thoughts on “Official Release: CFULLHDMA

  1. mortai says:

    good news!!! …but so far there is nothing on there website for people like me who upgrade via usb… is there another link to get the update for usb upgrading???
    thanks again for the great work!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Can the CFULLHDMA play HD content on an old Television (using S/Video – Component Video)? Does it downscale 720p or 1080p content to PAL to be able to view it on an old Television or do i need a HD Flatscreen TV to look HD videos?

    I am asking because i want to stream my MPEG-4 movies (1280×720) H.264, AAC to my old Television. Is this possible? Or do i need to convert the videos to PAL to be able to see it on my old TV?


  3. Ger says:

    harrytasker schreef op woensdag 23 juli 2008 @ 19:55:
    werkt in %. Beetje onhandig als je het mij vraagt.
    Gewoon nummertoetsten gebruiken bv 50 (% komen er vanzelf achter) en op play drukken.
    Film gaat nu naar de helft….
    wat is onhandig en wat is je voorstel om het te verbeteren?

    Ik kan niet replyen op tweakers, dus maar even hier.
    Gewoon minuten ingeven zou ik ook wel prettig vinden.
    Het zou trouwen sowieso leuk zijn als er wat meer jump mogelijkheden inzaten.
    Bijvoorbeeld getal en pijl links of rechts en dan zoveel minuten (seconden?)voor of achteruit.
    Om maar een voorbeeld te geven.
    Zijn maar wensen hoor -;)
    En een knopje om bij nader inzien ongewenst gedownload materiaal te wissen zou ook leuk zijn.

  4. Michael says:

    Great to hear that Dennis. I´ve now ordered one CFULLHDMA :-)

    I guess the CFULLHDMA will also work perfect together with my CH3SNAS with installed TwonkyMedia uPnP Server, right? Or do You suggest a different uPNP Server on the CH3SNAS?

    All the best

  5. Michael says:

    Fine, so i will try both and see whats performing faster. Can´t wait to get my CFULLHDMA :-)


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