Blog Top 50

Wieeehhh .. I’m in a blog list .. I’m in the I’m somewhere at position 158 overall. I just saw a referer showing up my stats..

And at the personal hit/toplist I’m ranked 23. Pagerank 5 within Google (I’m satisfied with that) and to my surprise I’ve about 47 bloglines subscribers. Unbelievable. Ok my position was higher but I went on holiday (kuch) ..

End of the Day

Downloaded smallville S4 (6DVD’s), Checked it, unpacked it, found the ISO’s and now trying to burn them, in the meantime tried to fix some blog stuff and visited the city centre for a European Market on Sunday. Lot’s of food, but due to the Project 2006, Dennis I was not able to eat a lot .. only some nice Olives ..

Bye! Tomorrow more !!