Request for Feedback: NAS Devices

As my visitors are the best average consumer available I have some questions for you. And with your answers I will be capable of doing nice things ;-)

This is your way to express what you want or tell me what you need.

  1. If you would buy a NAS, why would you buy a NAS and not a USB DISK?
  2. What is the main reason why you want to buy a NAS?
  3. Is price the most important part in your descision or also the features?
  4. What features are the most important part for you?
  5. What

CH3HNAS – test Fun_Plug

Only for people who like to test

Conceptronic CH3HNAS with Fun_Plug (in 2 flavours: chrooted and without a chrooted environment). A lot of functions are not implemented, will not work or even have bugs. It is highly experimental and only for those who want to play around. It is also not c0mpatible with fun_plug 0.5 as it is causing segmentation faults. But with the GPL sources of the device you can do more with compiling packages for your own

chrooted environment: download these files: firmware [1] & fun_plug

Update nzbget.conf

This how-to is outdated. Use this one!

to have the ch3snas working fine with nzbget you need the nzget.conf file
I have adjusted the nzbget.conf delivered with latest beta release nzbget-0.6.0-testing-r269 to have it working with the CH3SNAS and my previous installation instruction. download the new file here you can rename the to nzbget.conf

I’m now checking if there is an updated unpak script yes/no ;-)

CH3WNAS: enabling Telnet

It took me some effort to get the fun_plug part working on the Conceptronic CH3WNAS, but after hours of testing I was able to create the correct files.



download the telnet package for the CH3WNAS

Copy the RAR file to the root of the harddisk and unpack the rar file also into the ‘root’ (ch3wnas\hdd_a [share]) of the device.

The files: fun_plug, sed and the busyboxy file will be available now. Reboot the device and telnet should be available.

You have to login with the username: root with the password of the admin. If seeing the black screen as shown here: it’s working ..

Have fun ..

Why using telnet? For some: hacking is a way of life, but for me: if there are files you cannot modify / delete for what kind of reason: with the telnet session you can: rm [filename] -rf and ALL is removed (use it with caution, I do not guarantee the safety of your data, cause I do not own your backup) ;-)

b.t.w. no idea how stable it is .. I lost 2 times a connection with the device already .. a hard reboot was the only thing to get it alive again.

it could be possible that you get a black screen and cannot do anything: enter 5784468 and the screen will be unlocked