Munin help needed with renaming graph titles

[nerd mode] this article includes the update with solution ;-)

Does someone know how to configure Munin to change or rename graph titles of a smart switch with SNMP?

I have a smart Ethernet switch and I get my SNMP data, but the interface ports are called: interface port 1, interface port 2, interface port 3 etc.. But I want to have this renamed so that I can identify the various interface ports as: router, NAS, uplink, wireless, server1, server 2 etc.

Is it possible to configure this with munin?

I’ve looked in the docs, but cannot find anything about how to rename something.

Update, after long searching and looking through manuals/guides/how-to I have found what does the job [this was the entry telling me: hey that could be the solution]

in munin.conf select the config part where the device / node is configured

use_node_name no

Under use_node_name no you can put your manual ‘overrides’

Port one of my smart switch is called:

  • snmp_highway1_if_err_1 (for errors)
  • snmp_highway1_if_1.graph_title (for traffic)

So here I define the names of the interfaces:

snmp_highway1_if_err_1.graph_title [P1] Cable/Router Errors
snmp_highway1_if_1.graph_title [P1] Cable/Router Traffic
snmp_highway1_if_err_2.graph_title [P2] Smart Switch Boven Errors
snmp_highway1_if_2.graph_title [P2] Smart Switch Boven Traffic
snmp_highway1_if_err_3.graph_title [P3] AccessPoint/Switch Kamer Errors
snmp_highway1_if_3.graph_title [P3] AccessPoint/Switch Kamer Traffic


The magic is done with .graph_title, per interface you can define the graph title.

After 5 minutes of waiting my graphs are being updated and generated with the correct interface names so that you can remember what you have connected to which port of your smart switch (in my case).


nzbget configurations

Today busy with the nzbget config. Since version 0.7.x it’s possible to have the history saved. In my nzbget.cfg.example I had the setting not available or not made active ..

Fixed that one ..  Will also update nzbgetter to version 1.1.a still seeking for an postprocessing script more suitable for integration with nzbget and it’s new parameters …

update package v31 can be found here

Update nzbget.conf

This how-to is outdated. Use this one!

to have the ch3snas working fine with nzbget you need the nzget.conf file
I have adjusted the nzbget.conf delivered with latest beta release nzbget-0.6.0-testing-r269 to have it working with the CH3SNAS and my previous installation instruction. download the new file here you can rename the to nzbget.conf

I’m now checking if there is an updated unpak script yes/no ;-)

Proftpd adding features to setup

I got a special request of a user:

allow a user to upload files, see the files but do not allow them to download any of the stored files. (So you can share 1 account to many but they are not allowed to download those files with that same account).

The master user of that vhost is allowed to control the whole upload folder.

It took me a good dinner to find an appropriate proftpd.conf setting. Some tests performed and it’s working now .

Find here the script