Find here my hellavcr configuration I used with the CH3SNAS / CH3MNAS with the nzbget newsbin configuration I created.
the configuration contains mainy, if not all, tv shows I followed or am following (above rar file is with gzdecode function (gzip)

Update: 17-01-2011

this rar file has all my TV series, posters inside, but lacks all api keys and usernames, it is also allowing you to tweet again. So you have to add the usernames and api information in the config file and var file. I do not recall if I have added my own thetvdb api key, but this one you could pick from your old hellavcr configuration or from the one above ;-). To tweet you have to register the application and enter 4 different new keys (actually the username and password for twitter are NOT your normal username and password !)

Just unpack the rar file in a folder and copy it in the /web/ folder of your nzbget installation so that you can access it with http://nas-device:8000/hellavcr

of course you have to create a crontab or manually execute the hellavcr.php script with: php hellavcr.php
note: hellavcr is depending on nzbmatrix and you need a vip account. Unfortunately the search api is offline so this script will not download any valid nzbfile.
But as I got some requests to share my config. Here

nzbget configurations

Today busy with the nzbget config. Since version 0.7.x it’s possible to have the history saved. In my nzbget.cfg.example I had the setting not available or not made active ..

Fixed that one ..  Will also update nzbgetter to version 1.1.a still seeking for an postprocessing script more suitable for integration with nzbget and it’s new parameters …

update package v31 can be found here

Newsbin v3 [nzbget, nzbgetweb, nzbgetter & unpak]

Today I release a new complete package for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS & CH3MNAS (2 different binaries)

before you use my package make sure you use

fun_plug, PHP5 with curl support, have installed unrar and installed the lighttpd module as well
the newsbin package you can download here

It contains:

  • – nzbget version 0.7.0-testing-r357
  • – nzbgetweb version v 1.4 (testing-5)
  • – nzbgetter version 1.0
  • – modified unpak.sh script

in short how to install:

put the correct file into the root of the Harddisk of the NAS, this is /mnt/HD_a2

untar the tgz file with tar -xvzf newsbinch3mnas-v3.tgz or tar -xvzf newsbinch3snas-v3.tgz, a folder newsbin will be created
Than there are a few files you have to copy manually into the correct folders
go into the newsbin folder with ‘cd newsbin’
than copy  the 2 shell script files (extension SH) to the startup folder of Fun_Plug

‘cp *.sh /ffp/start’

with next reboot nzbget will be started automatically.
optional you can copy from /conf/editcron.sh the cronfile into /ffp/start as well to have nzbgetter auto-download your nzb files, it is possible you already installed it, so do not copy it cause your old crontab file will be overwritten.

if you do not reboot you have to make sure you start the two shell scripts manually.

cd /ffp/start
sh startnzbget.sh start
sh startweb.sh start

the first script starts nzbget for downloading from usenet, the 2nd script will run lighttpd with the correct configurations

upload your nzbfiles manually into /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/nzb or use nzbgetter.

to access nzbgetweb interface: http://[ip-of-nas]:8000
to access nzbgetter web interface: http://[ip-of-nas]:8000/nzbgetter or access it through the nzbgetweb interface

Please make sure you configure nzbget with your usenet account and password
the unpak.sh script will make sure that downloaded stuff will be put in the correct folder after download.
this short how-to is far from perfect and a quick reference next to the normal manual of the various tools

if you want to upgrade

copy the binary from the /bin/ folder
copy the /web/ folder to your /web folder
copy the /nzbgetter folder to a new created /web folder
optional: copy from the /conf/ folder the editcron.sh to /ffp/start


Trying to crash: nzbget

I run the latest beta release of nzbget: release 342, especially to have it crash on certain nzb files. But ‘unfortunately’ after 18 days and more than 500GB of download: it is still running as it should

WOW .. this version is stable.. complete siterips, many mp3’s and movies, tv series are downloaded and the script is still working fine even where the nas reaches over 60 degrees celcius. Still in need for someone like to do some scripting to make the unpak script more easy to use and make fun of the unpak of stuff ..

Quick Release: nzbget for CH3MNAS & D-LINK DNS-321

user Bearxor had problems with using nzbget on his fun_plugged device. After some chatting in the comments he told that he is using the DNS-321 and not the CH3SNAS or DNS-323, these devices do have different toolchain and need to be compiled differently.

So for users with the Conceptronic CH3MNAS or D-LINK DNS-321 who want to have a 5 to 10 minutes installation of nzbget: download it here and get the ch3mnas-nzbget.tgz file for the installation instructions:

get the instructions here

Message to self: compiling nzbget

Compiling NZBGET at CH3SNAS with Fun_Plug 0.5 with libpar2 & libsigc++ (make sure you have installed all the Fun_Plug packages for compiling programs (gcc / uclibc)

Download svn onto CH3SNAS use for configure: (check nzbget.sourceforge.net)

./configure –disable-tls –without-tlslib –with-libpar2-libraries=/ffp/lib –with-libsigc-libraries=/ffp/bin

TLS seems not to able to compile due to missing library (check this!) therefore disable it in

NZBGET+WEB + UNPAK updated package

I’ve updated the nzbget + nzbgetweb +unpak.sh script with latest versions for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS:

  • NZBGet: NZBGet version 0.7.0-testing-r317
  • NZBGet Web Interface v 1.4 (testing-2)

the unpak script is little modified to fit the CH3SNAS configuration and has been changed to fit the config in NZBget Web when using the version 1.4 (testing-2).

Little How-To

Install Fun_Plug 0.5 of Fonz

Note: if you already run lighttpd you must make own adjustments to your lighttpd configuration and websettings

install the PHP package (needed for lighttpd).

  1. Download with wget http://www.aroundmyroom.com/ch3snas-funplug/php-5.2.6-3.tgzthe PHP package (temporary from my server) as the new updated PHP version of Fonz seems to break something. Install PHP with ‘funpkg -i php-5.2.6-3.tgz’

Update: after consulting Fonz (Tobias) I learned that the new version of PHP is compiled with CURL support. So it’s necessary to install the curl package as well

  1. Download