Message to self: compiling nzbget

Compiling NZBGET at CH3SNAS with Fun_Plug 0.5 with libpar2 & libsigc++ (make sure you have installed all the Fun_Plug packages for compiling programs (gcc / uclibc)

Download svn onto CH3SNAS use for configure: (check

./configure –disable-tls –without-tlslib –with-libpar2-libraries=/ffp/lib –with-libsigc-libraries=/ffp/bin

TLS seems not to able to compile due to missing library (check this!) therefore disable it in

5 thoughts on “Message to self: compiling nzbget

  1. Mauws says:

    The message to yourself is helping me a lot.. Just compiled my own version of nzbget. But maybe you can help me with that last instruction. It’s te block where you compile something with that g++ statement. The encoding in my browser shows some strange A charachters in it. What exactly is that statement, and does it asume a install directory of the nzbget binaries ?

  2. those strange A characters should not be there, I just removed it. The A characters in some posts here are some leftovers of weird export/import and changing settings of WordPress
    I think the block is ok now.

    nice to see that something from 2009 and I have left behind long time already is still usable ;-)

  3. Mauws says:

    Thanks Dennis, with your help I have been able to build the revised version of nzbget. Finally a version that scales perfect on android ;-) The compile statement to include the static libs in the binary did the job (had to change it just a bit) .. Also, the configure statement is changed just a bit.
    If you’re interested, I can mail you the binary version which works with the two libs that are mentioned on this page..

  4. Thanks Mauwz, I think the best thing is to send it to the maintainer of nzbget. I have just learned that the versions I worked with are very very outdated and that a lot of changes have been made.

    The only reason I have went away from nzbget was the postprocessing. the scripts I used for the conceptronic nas devices were not suitable for an alternative installation on a linux device.

    So this is just an archive (yeah, replying on a 3 year old blogpost ;-)

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