CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.17.22 – 1.17.19

Available for subscribed beta testers:

  • Fixed: System hang when playing video files and pause for several minutes (change kernel memory size)
  • Fixed: photo thumbnail mode crash sometimes
  • Fixed: photo exif information not cleaned when in slideshow
  • Fixed: MPEG2 has no sound at S/PDIFF option off
  • Improved: Speed up Network share searching time when switch network
  • Removed: S/N Display from version page
  • Fixed: network cable unplug crash when playing youtube stream
  • Fixed: some MKV files skips and drops audio with DTS Passthrough
  • Fixed: playing the same song over and over when Music Auto Play is set to repeat
  • Added: Conceptronic recommends in iMedia for CFULLHDMAi
  • ┬áTemporarily broken: some streaming media through imedia. Several services do not work as expected in this beta. Main focus of this release is to get feedback about the pause issue reported by many testers.

Please submit your feedback! firmware version ONLY available for beta testers already subscribed.

5 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.17.22 – 1.17.19

  1. Dirk says:

    Super, a lot of fixes! I can’t wait for the official release! (I’m not a beta tester)

  2. kahuna0k says:

    Does the beta release for the CFULLHDMAi solve the skipping audio problem with MKV, or should I wait for the next release?

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