Trying to crash: nzbget

I run the latest beta release of nzbget: release 342, especially to have it crash on certain nzb files. But ‘unfortunately’ after 18 days and more than 500GB of download: it is still running as it should

WOW .. this version is stable.. complete siterips, many mp3’s and movies, tv series are downloaded and the script is still working fine even where the nas reaches over 60 degrees celcius. Still in need for someone like to do some scripting to make the unpak script more easy to use and make fun of the unpak of stuff ..

One thought on “Trying to crash: nzbget

  1. Michael says:

    So true!

    i did experience some nzbget flaws, where the nzbget server had been shut down.(by system)

    problem with the nzbget server was most probably mixed up by the post-config script which i forgot one drive mapping..

    also, the config is much expanded!! you can set alot of things just on the webpage itself..

    since i fixed that, it never let down on me for a Real long time..

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