38 thoughts on “NZBGET for CH3SNAS, the Zeroday way

  1. Danny says:

    Looks nice, thanks!

    Is Nzbget similar in function to SABnzbd+?
    I have a couple of rss feeds in SABnzbd+, can i use them in NZBget aswell?

    I don’t use newsbin. Do i have to follow all the steps above or can i leave some out?

  2. nzbget is indeed similar like SABnzbd+ but that last one is running on Python causing the nas to get more load. So therefor nzbget is the best choice.
    rss feed support I have not seen for nzbget yet.
    it is supporting newzbin though

    I have put the nzbget+nzbgetweb in a folder called newsbin so that it is more easier to put everything in it.

  3. Danny says:

    It’s not that i don’t want to use newzbin, but i don’t have an account.
    And since you need an invite to get one…

  4. Willem62 says:

    Tried it, and it works. Easy compared to the other how to. Only after reboot it isn’t running, i have to manually start it again. Is there a solution for this?

  5. Sorry……..

    Sorry to see the creations of HugBug and Lordy (Ydrol) here called as newsbin_zeroday. This is a matter of NO respect for the devellopers. Newsbin is an commercial program and in NOway to compare with the devellopers creations.
    This is NOT the way zeroday.


  6. Ignace

    you do not get it.

    it is JUST the name of the FOLDER the files are PUT in ..

    first of all: if you see my weblog entries I do give HugBug and Ydrol a lot of credits for their work on their scripts and program. Hence I have e-mail contact with HugBug and I proposed some features which were added.

    The only thing I did was creating an simple archive called newsbin_zeroday-rc1 for users without any knowledge of Linux for the CH3SNAS or DNS-323 NAS to make the collection of tools very easy to install and use in minutes.

    the name of the archive has nothing to do with ‘commercial’ packages.
    nor I do talk about it or reference to it. So it has not been my intention nor it will ever be.

    Hell I made before the how-to-that-replaces-all, which was a manual setup of all the tools and was a hell to use cause people had to do a lot of manual things and it could not be finished within 15 minutes.

    The tar packages called newsbin only references to the FOLDER i have put it in. NEWS for the usenet packages and BIN as collectfolder of the downloaded stuff. Newsbin I thougt that would be easy. Can I not use it on the NAS because there is a commercial something called the same? I do not think so.

    if someone has an alternative name for the folder which reflects everything and does not mess with other folders (nzbget & nzb is not easy to use in an environment where you want to upload your NZB’s to and need to use a tool). S think about usability !

    The layout is very simple I choose

    /newsbin as collection folder of the awesome nzbget, nzbgetweb and unpak.sh
    modified to work on CH3SNAS without any hassle
    /bin for the binaries
    /conf for the config files
    /logs for the logfiles
    /nzb for the nzbfiles
    /queue for the queue files
    /tmp for the temp files
    /usenet to store the downloaded usenet stuff (can be everything)
    /web for nzbgetweb

    That’s it.
    it was made in one evening where I thought it would be suitable for people without knowledge, time or whatever .. and where I had little time to create a how-to

    So I am not recreating anything I just named the tar file newsbin_zeroday. I did not name it nzbget/nzbgetweb/unpak.sh as it is in NO WAY an official release from the developers and it may not conflict with the stuff the developer is developing.

    Conclusion: ANYONE with a good folder structure and naming: I will recreate the package and make it. I like suggestions.
    So rather than fingerpointing: make a suggestion that would help me and others.

  7. Oke Dennis here is an suggetion ie ik zal je ff helpen (without fingerpointing and with respect for the developpers).

    # cd /mnt/HD_a2
    # wget http://www.ajs-matchless.info/ch3snas/fun-plug/0.5/packages/nzbget_ffp05-0.0.1.tgz
    # ln -s /mnt /mnt/HD_a2/ffp/mnt
    # sh /mnt/HD_a2/ffp/start/lighttpd.sh stop
    # funpkg -i nzbget_ffp05-*.tgz
    # rm nzbget_ffp05-*.tgz
    # chmod 755 /ffp/bin/nzbget /ffp/etc/unpak.sh
    # chmod 777 /nmt/HD_a2/tmp
    # chmod 777 -R /nmt/HD_a2/download
    # sh /mnt/HD_a2/ffp/start/lighttpd.sh start
    You can now go to http://CH3SNAS:8066/nzbgetweb
    and have Phun

    Ben er ff mee bezig geweest maar…..

    GrTz To All

  8. Ignace
    i like the funpkg installation but .. it does not solve MY issue for the reason why I created the tar file.
    IMHO I think nzbget and the reset is not part of the FFP installation and therefor I do not want to have it reside in the ffp part anymore.

    So I had expected that you would gave an alternative folder / installation based on my idea rather than creating this one.
    you gave your installation as example: fine, but I will not use that one.

    and also I do not like to see /download/download when using files to download from usenet is confusing.

    last but not least, the install from you is probably a good replacement for the howto that replaces all, but that one I do not use anymore

    So I will think about a new name of the archive and everyone is happy.

  9. hugbug says:

    Ignace, thanks for defending me ;)
    I’m sure it wasn’t a Dennis’ intent to show a disrespect in any way.

    Dennis, you make a great work supporting nzbget on DNS323 platform.

    Ignace, I agree, that the name “newsbin” might be not the best.
    Dennis, I also agree, that it’s hard to name a nzb-related work without using of words “nzb”, “news” and “bin” :)

    The name is not that important actually.

  10. AJ says:

    Hi, thanks for the great howto’s.

    Yesterday something with wrong with my nzbweb, so I thought this is the best time to install the newest versions.
    But there are a lot of new changes made by inreto.de.
    The Funplug now has a new Lighttpd.
    And the PHP has a new version and moved to http://www.inreto.de/dns323/fun-plug/0.5/extra-packages/All/php-5.2.9-1.tgz

    Now I can’t get Lighttpd to start.
    When I start it everything looks fine, but when I check the ps list and status, it tells me it is not running.

    Does anybody have the same problem? And/or does anybody have the old version??

    Thanx in advance
    (ps. Linux noobie)

  11. AJ

    if you use your own installation: if you installed one time lighttpd and php correct you can simply update the packages but it will not break the nzbgetweb or nzbget

    my nzbget installation (I try to release today / tomorrow an updated package)
    is installing all settings correct and does use it’s own configuration not messing with the standard installations, but is using the binaries. So if you already run lighttpd than you should make some adjustments that nzbgetweb can be used

    to use my installation
    To run it you have to install manually 2 packages: php, unrar
    than my lighttpd.conf can be used as it is using php and using port 8000 rather than the default 8080
    from the /newsbin/ folder you can (need) to start the startweb and startnzb sh scripts manually (or copy them in /ffp/start) and than reboot

    The new updated package will use latest test nzbget binary, latest test nzbgetweb and and little updated unpak.sh modified script of ydrol.

  12. AJ,

    there seems something broken with the new updated package of PHP from Fonz.
    php -v (to see version) is giving error and that is why lighttpd cannot run
    i saw your issue when I tried to install latest versions on a fresh device.

  13. AJ says:

    haha good!!
    ’cause I thought I was going crazy, for not getting it to start!
    I’m happy that I’m not doing something wrong.
    Thanx for the reply

  14. Gene says:


    Mad props for an awesome writeup – I am rocking NBZGet on my DNS323 =]

    One small issue however:

    I’ve enabled integration with Newzbin and have my account info all plugged into the config page, but when I try to input the report ID so I can fetch stuff, I get this error:

    ” Fatal error: Call to undefined function gzinflate() in /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/web/functions.php on line 662″

    When I check functions.php – this is what line 662 shows:

    $content = gzinflate(substr($content, 10));

    I have no experience in PHP so I was hoping you could give me a pointer as to how to resolve this problem…

    thanks :)

  15. Gene,

    make sure your php.ini is correct

    and in one of my boxes the following folder must be configured (no idea today if that is the same for latest php version)
    extension_dir = “/ffp/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/”

    if you enable this correct in php.ini and restart your lighttpd it’s working

  16. Gene says:

    Dennis hi,

    I’ve edited my php.ini to show the following at the end of the file:

    extension_dir = “/ffp/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/”

    I also modified the lighttpd.conf file to have all the proper directories and now, when i go into nzbget and punch in the ID number from newzbin, all I get is a blank screen – no error =[

    Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks :)

  17. Gene says:

    Dennis hi,

    I just tried doing it again and this is what the logfile spits out:

    2009-05-31 12:35:37: (mod_fastcgi.c.2618) FastCGI-stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function gzinflate() in /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/web/functions.php on line 662

    Weird since this is exactly what it was before… When I open the function.php file and drop down to line 662 – this is the code:

    $content = gzinflate(substr($content, 10));

    This seems weird since, if I am not mistaken, I added everything into the php.ini correctly and yet…

    I did restart the lighttpd service nbzget service but still no dice :scratch head:

    Maybe reboot the whole thing?

  18. paul says:

    Hallo ik heb nog steeds problemen met het uploaden van bestanden > 2mbyte ik krijg dan de melding “Could not upload file! Error code: 7” ondanks dat ik bij “UploadMaxFileSize” 10 mbyte heb ingevuld. Enig idee?

    Alvast bedankt

  19. paul says:

    Ik heb het PHP.INI bestand uit de newsbin/conf/ dir naar de ffp/etc gekopieerd, zoals je heb beschreven.
    Moet ik nog wat veranderen in het PHP.INI bestand?

  20. Sidney says:

    Beste lezers,

    Paar weken geleden heb ik een CH3SNAS gekocht en ingericht. Nu wilde ik er de funplug op draaien. Na een stuk of 10x proberen en diverse tutorials is het eindelijk gelukt met bovenstaande tutorial. Bedankt daarvoor!! Nu zou ik graag de Funplug & NZBGET naar een USB-stick willen zetten, zodat mijn schijven weer in slaap stand kunnen gaan als er niet wordt gedownload, geparred & uitgepakt.
    Heb met name deze CH3SNAS aangeschaft vanwege deze functie die enabled kan worden. Scheelt namelijk enorm veel stroom en warmte. Heeft iemand een goed link om dit voor elkaar te krijgen of als het mogelijk is, kan iemand mij dat kort vertellen?

    Alvast bedankt voor de tips…

  21. Genie says:

    Thanx for the tutorial, it’s working almost like a charm except for 2 things:

    im trying to autostart nzbget + webinterface, I have added these 2 lines to fun_plug:
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/startnzbget.sh start
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/startweb.sh start
    server doesnt get started, but if I run them manually it does? how to fix this?

    im telling the server to pause during par2 checking and unpacking
    unfortunately the unpausing crashes the server
    this behaviour also happens when I pause and resume the server through the web interface
    i have to restart the server with “start” in webinterface
    How can I fix this?

    TIA for all your effort :)

  22. Genie

    to start scripts automatically during boot (and I think I wrote it before)
    you must copy the scripts manually into /ffp/start
    than it will execute upon boot.

    if nzbget is crashing: first update your nzbget binary (you only need to update the binary), replace the old with the new one from nzbget.sourceforge.net

    I use 338 and 317 and they are rather stable.

  23. Sander says:

    Voor diegenen die net als ik hebben geworsteld met een error code 7 bij het uploaden van een (te) grote nzb in nzbgetweb:

    Maak een php.ini bestandje aan in /ffp/etc

    zet dit erin

    upload_max_filesize = 10M
    post_max_size = 20M
    upload_tmp_dir = /mnt/HD_a2/usbstorage/temp

    of als je geen usbstorage hebt: bedenk iets.

    Hierna werkte het bij mij. Ik had hier al maanden last van. Kon niets vinden op internet en nu zelf maar net zo lang geprutst totdat het werkte.

    Het kan ook handig zijn om een pagina test.php aan te maken met volgend inhoud


    Zo kun je zien of je variabelen gepakt worden en waar php.ini wordt gezocht.

  24. die test.php bestaat al in v3 van het pakket ;-)

    php.ini heb ik niet bijgevoegd, maar zou kunnen waar e.e.a. in is aangepast
    ook als je een newzbin account heb dan moet je geloof ik de zlib module activeren voor php.

  25. Remco says:

    Hoi Dennis,

    Bedankt voor alle informatie die ik heb ik kunnen gebruiken om NZBGet Web Interface aan de praat te krijgen op mijn CH3MNAS. Dat was zeker niet gelukt zonder deze bron.
    Het enige wat mij nog niet lukt is om grote nzb bestanden in te lezen via de upload manier. Ik krijg dan de melding:
    Could not upload file! Error code: 7

    Nou zie ik hierboven in de comments dat iemand hier ook problemen mee heeft/had. Ik heb de oplossing toegepast, php.ini aangepast en op een andere website heb ik het bestand lighttpd.conf aan gepast naar het volgende:
    ## php support
    ## uncomment the following lines and the mod_fastcgi module above
    fastcgi.server = ( “.php” => ((
    “bin-path” => “/ffp/bin/php-cgi -c /ffp/etc/php.ini”,
    “socket” => “/tmp/php-cgi.socket”,
    “max-procs” => 2

    Hierbij heb ik -c /ffp/etc/php.ini toegevoegd.

    Helaas werkt dit ook niet. Heb jij misschien nog een idee wat ik kan doen?

    Alvast bedankt!

  26. Remco,

    het is van belang dat ALLE folders waar je naar verwijst schrijfbaar zijn (chmod 777 [folder] en dat ze bestaan

    en dat ook daadwerkelijk de juiste PHP.INI instellingen gemaakt zijn.

    make sure the ‘post_max_size’ is big enough
    upload_tmp_dir en de upload filesize aanpassen

    en dan natuurlijk lighttpd opnieuw starten als je de wijzigingen in php.ini hebt doorgevoerd.

  27. Remco says:

    Dennis, Paul,

    Beide bedankt voor jullie snelle antwoord. Het is inmiddels werkend. Ik denk dat het te maken had met chmod 777 dat ik niet op een map had toegepast.
    @Paul, ik had ook hetzelfde, maar daar was ik al achter gekomen. Feit blijft wel dat je het snel over het hoofd ziet.

  28. indexmonkey says:

    I have this running with lightty already running something else. Install as it says, but dont use startweb.sh as your web server as its already running. To link your nzbget to your current website, which by default is /mnt/HD_a2/www/pages
    do the following

    cd /mnt/HD_a2/www/pages
    ln -s /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/web news

    Then from your browser goto
    http://name of device/news

    A ninja advised me just how sweet this is. Cheers!

  29. Jeroen! says:

    Hallo allemaal,

    Ik heb een CH3HNAS en kan ik nu ook deze tutorial gebruiken om NZBGET te installeren?
    Ik heb weinig (lees geen) ervaring met het installeren op een Linux/unix systeem.
    De funplug heb ik al wel ge

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