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Welcome to the Office of Standardized and Too Often Repeated Answers (OSTORA). We thrive to answer over and over again to the same questions, for we know some of our users are less inclined to browse 1 or 2 of the pages on this thread (any one or two pages).

Thus, and for your enjoyment, the OSTORA will now answer you, after this short announce from our sponsor:

Did you know that your question is probably not special and is, most likely, already answered by now? Did you know that you can find it all by yourself?
Do use the search box available on top-centre on this very page – and all others around here – or, if you prefer to look for it only on this thread, do press on the link, above, that says Search this thread. It’s that easy!

Wonderful !.. Found it somewhere in the AVS forum ;-)

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