I’m busy with a new installation of nzbget.┬áMy test environment is now running NZBGet version 0.7.0-testing-r308.

I decided to put all standard functions in 1 folder to make it possible to create an archive and have it extracted and with some minor adjustments have it working fine on the CH3SNAS or any other device with /mnt/HD_a2 as root

I also configured nzbget that newzbin can be used. This needed the php.ini to load the extension after some debugging and testing it was functional.

6 thoughts on “nzbget

  1. dude says:

    I tested the same build from Andrei, with the statically linked binaries.
    It instantly eat up all my memory and crashed on my ch3snas. :-(

  2. I made the version for the CH3SNAS, but did not test it yet. I am testing another binary. which gave me no issues yet.

    top shows me on the device nice results
    Mem: 60356K used, 1504K free, 0K shrd, 34840K buff, 7984K cached

  3. just installed my own package on a fresh fun_plugged ch3snas (in wow .. less than 5 minutes)

    it’s downloading, it’s
    Mem: 59824K used, 2068K free, 0K shrd, 10932K buff, 33088K cached
    fine for top to show my stuff and it’s doing its job
    using 0.7.0-testing-r311 with latest webinterface 1.04

  4. i only made an installation with latest binaries from Andrei which is using 311 version and I have 1 CH3SNAS with ONLY running Lighttpd, php and nzbget+nzbgetweb nothing else. It can download and unpak stuff no problem

  5. dude says:

    OK, I guess Andrei went from r308->r311 because of the bad behaviour on my ch3snas. That’s good news.
    I see r311 is now available on SourceForge.

    For me no need for upgrading, 0.6.0 is running very stable on my ch3snas. :-)

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