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Anyone a hint tip? I am seeking for firmware of the Acer Aspire Easystore

I need the ACER_Aspire-easyStore.2.5(2.5.0122.2009).bin firmware and release notes. If not through this way I need to contact my other contacts next week

Acer has added the download link to their database, but forgot to update the firmware.

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  1. It’s now avail on official Acer FTP

    Be ware that according to release note you need to backup all your data before upgrade!

    ++Aspire easyStore Firmware Release Notes

    To upgrade the system to firmware 2.50 is necessary to re-initialize the system.
    Doing this process, ALL the data will be erased, please be advised to backup all the data before hand.
    Without full re-initialization, storage system can results in unstable configuration.

    How to re-initialize:
    – Log into the web console and re create the RAID volume ( all data will be lost)
    – Wait for the process to complete
    – Log into the web console again and apply the firmware upgrade
    – Once is done, reset to default setting
    – System is ready

    This document summarizes all changes and updates made on Aspire
    easyStore firmware.

    V2.50 1/14/2009
    1.FTP transfer problem
    2.FTP service doesn’t respond after some files have been transferred.
    3.Device fails to work properly after HW factory reset.


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