Quick Release: nzbget for CH3MNAS & D-LINK DNS-321

user Bearxor had problems with using nzbget on his fun_plugged device. After some chatting in the comments he told that he is using the DNS-321 and not the CH3SNAS or DNS-323, these devices do have different toolchain and need to be compiled differently.

So for users with the Conceptronic CH3MNAS or D-LINK DNS-321 who want to have a 5 to 10 minutes installation of nzbget: download it here and get the ch3mnas-nzbget.tgz file for the installation instructions:

get the instructions here

8 thoughts on “Quick Release: nzbget for CH3MNAS & D-LINK DNS-321

  1. aj says:


    I wanted to know, is the ch3mnas-nzbget.tgz with the newest NZBget??
    I’m asking this because altho you taught me a lot about linux, I still don’t know how to update.

  2. plofkroket says:


    First of all THANK YOU for this version so I can enjoy NZBGET on my CH3MNAS!!! It is really great!

    I have a question:
    I want to shutdown the server when all the downloads+unparring+unrarring has been performed. Do you know a way to do this?
    Now, when the server is sleeping, it keeps on using one of my harddisks. I want the discs to be at sleep when the server has done his job.

  3. only possible when you install and use fun_plug and nzbget stuff from USB. but than you must change a lot of config files

  4. plofkroket says:

    O, that suprises me..
    I thought that it would be possible to use the command “nzbget -Q” for instance..
    I cannot figure it out where to put that in the post processing scripts..

  5. mick says:


    Ik probeer nzbget aan de praat te krijgen op mijn CH3MNAS maar dit wil niet lukken. Heb je ook een Nederlandse handleiding??(!)

    Alvast bedankt

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