Update nzbget.conf

This how-to is outdated. Use this one!

to have the ch3snas working fine with nzbget you need the nzget.conf file
I have adjusted the nzbget.conf delivered with latest beta release nzbget-0.6.0-testing-r269 to have it working with the CH3SNAS and my previous installation instruction. download the new file here you can rename the nzbget.conf.new to nzbget.conf

I’m now checking if there is an updated unpak script yes/no ;-)

4 thoughts on “Update nzbget.conf

  1. Sergio says:

    Hey thanks!!! I’m just reinstalling my CH3SNAS system and I’ll install the new firmware as I’m starting from scratch… I was going to download the last beta/rc and I found this. Nice surprise :)

  2. DeOS says:

    A new version of the unpak script is released. http://prodynamic.co.uk/nzbget/nzbget.html

    ” This is a big change from the previous beta. The program is now in three parts:

    * unpak.sh – Only does “intelligent” unpacking.
    * catalog.sh – Indexes video files and also has rename capability
    * oversight.cgi – This is specific to the NMT platform and provides a web gui for the catalog “

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