Personal Achievements: Create a product what can win prices

Proud, proud to see that the product I have developed, (from idea to end (the whole product development )) finally wins a price in the category: Best Professional Storage Product. The Freecom SilverStore 2-Drive NAS wins over Promise, G-Tech, Synology and IOmega.. the MAC WORLD 2012 awards ..

Bummer …. and they had to let me go due to an internal reorganisation. I am Seeking a new job …. with this kind of achievement somebody must notice and see the potential not?

Okay what was my part in all of this:


Request for Feedback: NAS Devices

As my visitors are the best average consumer available I have some questions for you. And with your answers I will be capable of doing nice things ;-)

This is your way to express what you want or tell me what you need.

  1. If you would buy a NAS, why would you buy a NAS and not a USB DISK?
  2. What is the main reason why you want to buy a NAS?
  3. Is price the most important part in your descision or also the features?
  4. What features are the most important part for you?
  5. What

CH3SNAS: 1.04RC2 firmware

Release Candiate 2 1.04 firmware CH3SNAS

if this version is suitable enough it will be released on the Conceptronic website as 1.04 relaease.

In this firmware release:

UPnP Server instant update bug.

For freaks: the /usr/bin/inotify_upnp script was only be executed or running when the server was enabled and folder is ROOT, when enabling another folder, only prescan was executed. (Thanks Matthijs for doing some testings with me and having patience ;-) ).

Support for IFO, M2TS, TS, MKV etc. was added. Note: it’s extremely important that your media device is capable of working with UPnP AV with these extensions (especially on IFO and ISO part cause it can cause some issues when reading this data (unexpected UPnP AV feature).

A second remark is that you have to disable the UPnP server totally and reboot, so that the database will be updated removed and updated totally. Cause it’s possible that certain files are not being indexed or seen after disable / reboot / enable.

We also added a new feature in this 1.04RC2 release:

It is possible that a RAID1 enters a ‘DEGRADED’ status. Normally, after a reboot, the device will ‘RESYNC’ the HDD contents automatically. But in certain conditions the status will not change from ‘DEGRADED’ into RESYNC’ and you can only fix that when forcing the HDD to be member of the array again (fun_plug needed). The feature will only be seen when using your Harddisk in RAID1 mode.

A reboot is required for a forced resync.

Feedback is appreciated

Landisk: Multilingual Version web firmware

I just discovered a company ;-) Let’s call them the S. company and they have just released their RDC 2882 based (probably) landisk (or about to released, soon to come). They were so kind to modify the whole weblayout with multiple languages: english, german, dutch, french, italian, spanish, danish, swedish, finnish, norwedish, portugese. So to please the community who wants to have multiple languages and a really nice kind web interface: download it here the file is called: webm_ multilingual.dat

There are some little character issues (reboot), some features I have in my own modified gui are not supported (hidden folder).. but for many this can be a great test to see or maybe modify my GUI based on this one with some stuff they used ;-)

B.t.w It’s only the webinterface compiled