LANDISK: RDC 2891 chipset

As a ‘source’ for the RDC 2882 and RDC 2891 chipset stuff (firmware / binaries, you name it)

I am releasing new stuff for the RDC 2891 chipset now 


  • – LOADER
  • – KERNEL

It is not for dummies, it’s ONLY for RDC 2891 chipset based LANDISKS and I do not give you any warranty if you brick your cheap device. Positive comments are welcome ;-)

Enjoy it. No explanation further how to use it: tftp or web-interface upload can work. I did not test it myself. 

RDC 2891 chipset LANDISK

For those people with a RDC 2891 chipset LANDISK (low-cost)

I have managed to get a new kernel driver: kernel-s2891-010b1 

There are no release-notes available yet, but I know for sure that a number of stability / compability issues are or will be solved. Just upgrade the file through the webinterface. Note: No warranties.

Note: this is NOT a kernel update for the RDC2882 chipset. Only for the RDC2891 chipset


Fixed: Mac OS 10.5 support

Fixed: Mac OS 10.4.x support multi-folders.

Fixed: FileSystem Longname refine.

Add: UPNPAV support iRadio.

Add: HD volume set from web.

Landisk: Multilingual Version web firmware

I just discovered a company ;-) Let’s call them the S. company and they have just released their RDC 2882 based (probably) landisk (or about to released, soon to come). They were so kind to modify the whole weblayout with multiple languages: english, german, dutch, french, italian, spanish, danish, swedish, finnish, norwedish, portugese. So to please the community who wants to have multiple languages and a really nice kind web interface: download it here the file is called: webm_ multilingual.dat

There are some little character issues (reboot), some features I have in my own modified gui are not supported (hidden folder).. but for many this can be a great test to see or maybe modify my GUI based on this one with some stuff they used ;-)

B.t.w It’s only the webinterface compiled


Today released version6 of NAS-BASIC45 where I fixed the status.htm page.

There was an error reported that the DHCP functionality could not be activated. 

Download nas-basic45-69-r6.rar, nas-basic45-69-r7.rar this is latest revision with all files included.

It’s quick and dirty. Still looking for someone to fix the HTML ;-)

[update: smb.htm was incorrect. Somewhere there was an incorrect html-gui source used by me. Stupid mistake, now tested multiple times and should be ok]