LANDISK: RDC 2891 chipset

As a ‘source’ for the RDC 2882 and RDC 2891 chipset stuff (firmware / binaries, you name it)

I am releasing new stuff for the RDC 2891 chipset now 


  • – LOADER
  • – KERNEL

It is not for dummies, it’s ONLY for RDC 2891 chipset based LANDISKS and I do not give you any warranty if you brick your cheap device. Positive comments are welcome ;-)

Enjoy it. No explanation further how to use it: tftp or web-interface upload can work. I did not test it myself. 

25 thoughts on “LANDISK: RDC 2891 chipset

  1. René says:

    Hi Dennis,

    i tried to upgrade the web and loader trough the web interface.
    Applying the web-part worked well, after reboot it said “W1.1” in version information. I can´t see any difference to the original web part.

    Applying the loader through web interface seems to have broken the device (at least the lan-part). After reboot the lan and speed-indicators are active, but the device is back to default ip and the connection tool says “LOADER150 3.2” and HD-Volume “LOADER”…seems to be the same issue marc and bo had when upgrading the kernel. Maybe theres an incompatibility between the b1-kernel and the loader. The shipping loader was “L1.0”.

    Playing around a bit further.

    Greetings René

  2. @René, please notice that these files come from the Conceptronic CHD3NET hardware .. other vendor(s) could actually have (probably / maybe) a different code on a certain level m a y b e .. but I have very little info about it

  3. René says:

    Hi Dennis,

    i´m aware of that.
    Nevertheless the device is running again. I´ve uploaded the kernel update for the Fantec LD-H35NSU2 available on the Fantec-website.
    After booting it shows the following version information:
    NAS2891-009B6 LOADER150 3.2 W1.1

    Unfortunately this firmware comes without any release note, no clue if this a newer or older version of what you gave us in december. As what i found out till now, i guess running or not runnig is a question of kernel and loader versions.

    Greetings René

  4. Bo says:

    Finally, I do have some good news for Marc and other Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH NAS+ LAN Drive users. My Mediasonic unit is up working again.

    What bricked the unit from the very beginning was that the Conceptronic kernel is not compatible with some part of the remaining (loader or web) Mediasonic firmware set. I do not know exactly which part, because I also managed to damage some more of the original firmware, before being able to get up running again. (The following part of this paragraph is for information only. Do not do it! First, I managed to load the Fantec kernel, which gave me access to the onboard firmware upgrade interface. From there I was able to load the Conceptronic web module. This completely cured my unit.)

    I suggest the following procedure:
    1. Download the freshly posted web module to your TFTP working directory.
    For sure, you will not need the kernel module. Maybe you need the loader module, which you will fin close by. However, do not load it until the very end and only as a last resort action.
    2. Download the kernel module for the Fantec LD-H35NSU2 to your TFTP working directory. It is available on the Fantec web site.
    The file name has a space in it and needs to be changed to something simple like fantec.bin or TFTP will not understand.
    3. Hook up your PC set to directly to the drive box and switch the box power on.
    4. Open a DOS window to the working directory
    5. Use the scanning tool to confirm that the box responds to pinging.
    6. Issue the command
    tftp –i put fantec.bin
    7. Wait for one minute and again confirm with the scanning tool that the box responds.
    8. Issue the command
    tftp –i put nasb_w1.1.web
    9. Wait for a minute and the box should be up and running.
    10. If the box is not restarting properly at this stage, you may have to add the loader module mentioned in step 1 by repeating steps 7-9, but now with the loader module instead of the web module.

    I hope this will work for you guys with dead units. After booting mine shows
    NAS2891-009B6 LOADER150 3.2 W1.1
    For those with working Mediasonic units it might be enough to upgrade to the Fantec kernel using the regular web interface rather than TFTP.

    Please use this information at your own risk and kindly provide feedback for the benefit of others. I will try to correct the above accordingly.

  5. Bo says:

    I can now positively confirm that the Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH NAS+ LAN Drive works very well with the Fantec kernel in combination with the Conceptronic Web and Loader modules. The firmware modules are:

    1. The kernel module for the Fantec LD-H35NSU2 available on the Fantec web site.
    2. The Conceptronic web module
    3. The Conceptronic loader module

    The Conceptronic modules are fresh releases by Dennis, but the Fantec kernel comes with no release information.

    Please be aware! Renewing firmware is always risky. The “NOT FOR DUMMIES” warning is highly applicable. Please use this information at your own risk and kindly provide feedback for the benefit of others.

  6. Maurits says:

    Great job Bo, thanks,

    I wasn’t careful enough and of course I bricked the LANside of my CHD3NET. The USB kept functioning.
    Used the fantec.bin and followed your steps and the CHD3NET LANside is up and running again.

  7. René says:


    i just received new stuff from the german mapower representative.
    Its the original Loader 1.0 and a new kernel called “S2891_K011L10W12”. The kernel includes the new kernel module and the web-part.

    After uploading both parts, my Mapower-Device is still running fine and shows the following version information:
    NAS2891-011 L1.0 W1.2

    For now i have no official changelog, gonna try to get some more information.

    If your interested, you can get those files at . Use on your own risk!

    Greetings René

  8. René, that version is a special beta firmware (not official released by RDC yet)
    it should fix add support for CIFS with Linux mounting.

  9. the one conceptronic released is having same Kernel as the one discussed earlier here. The previous discussed item version was an special firmware from RDC to be tested before releasing them to other hardware vendors. After the successful test Conceptronic released it officially

  10. Miguel says:

    Hello CHD3NET users,

    I’ve very recently acquired a CHD3NET network hard disk box and I haven’t succeeded to make it work, I would very much appreciate your help to make it function properly.

    Together with the CHD3NET I also bought a SAMSUNG 750GB SATA II U300 7200RPM 32MB cache hard disk. Then I installed the hard disk as suggested in the product manual, formatted it using the FAT32 file system. Next, I tried it using the USB interface and it works perfectly (I could read/write files on it from my computer). Then I connected the CHD3NET to one of the ethernet ports of my router (Linksys WRT54G ver. 7.0) and logged into it using the web interface, it seemed to work fine since I could navigate through all the menus without facing any difficulties.

    My problems started when I noticed that the CHD3NET box does not recognize the SAMSUNG hard disk when used as network disk. In the “Disk Info & Firmware” section of the “Status” menu I see the option “DISK ID” with status “Disk Not found!”, however, I am able to use it as USB disk without any problem.

    I thought it could be a firmware version issue, so I went to Conceptronics webpage to download the latest available version ( and flashed it, but this did not solve the disk not found problem. The exact firmware version I have now is: NAS2891-012 L1.0 W1.0 .

    I don’t think this is a loader or web interface problem, do you agree? What would you suggest me to do to fix this problem?

    Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!

  11. Roger says:

    I tried this on my freecom network drive. Despite the success of the earlier poster this doesnt work on series H drives. I’ve applied all 3 parts and now have some functionality but not all – for example I cant change the IP address of my drive anymore. I also cant roll back to the freecom firwware as the web interface is no longer compatible. Im not too bothered as to be honest the functionality/stability of all the 2891 firmwares is pretty flaky but if anyone has found a way to get the IP change functionality back that would be a help.

  12. Pedro says:


    Do you know if there are any way to remove the 4GB size of the files limitation using lan of the KC31NS+? It´s because he only accepts format the disc in fat32 instead of ntfs…

  13. Murat says:

    I have the same problem with the freecom. And i wanna know how cifs mounting works.
    Firmware Version NAS2891-011 LOADER 3.2

  14. Andy says:

    Hey guys, I also have a Freecom network drive (250gb), and am very interested to hear about the progress made here. Any advance to get NFS or CIFS working would be well worth the effort. How far has anyone got, and what is remaining to get sorted?

  15. Andrew says:

    Hi Bo,

    I have the Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH NAS an I have successfully uploaded Fantec kernel, Conceptronic web module and Conceptronic Loader module and it seems to work except that I cannot properly set ftp users. Every time I try to connect as an user I get message that ftp client could not connect to the server. Every thing seems to work properly up to the point when I have to provide ftp password, and after this step I get the error. I have already tried different users with different privileges and none is working.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  16. Martin says:

    have a Conceptronic CHD3NET which despite the new firmware from the Conceptronic webpage does not work properly with MacOS 10.5.
    It is extremly slow and sometimes stops my whole network. I also copied my itunes library onto it but most of the times itune will get stuck trying to access files or when I try to sync my ipod.
    Does anyone have similar probloems and/or solved them…

  17. QatQat says:

    Hi everybody,

    I have a CHD3NET and I am thinking of using it as a door wedge. It is so painfully slow that it is completely useless.

    Does anyone know if the firmware update from Conceptronic (012) includes a better filesystem then FAT32?

    If not, is there an alternative firmware that uses EXT2/3 or at least NTFS?



  18. rdc is a lowcost nas chpiset. They have their own idea what should be NAS.

    it is not possible to use ext2/3 or ntfs. The RDC software does not work with it.

  19. JFR says:

    Hi all,

    Very old thread ;(

    foundthis thread while searching a solution for my mediasonic with Windows7.

    Found the reference to conceptronic v012 firmware. But, when browsing on conceptronic website, I found the v014 version which is the Windows 7 compatiblity one.

    Windows 7 can now see and explore the Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH correctly. It also fixed an issue I had with Synctoy and the NAS.

    But, all good surprises always followed by a bad one ;(
    I lost all Xbox360 Upnp fonctionality.Can see the NAS, but cannot open picture or music folders.

    Another cheap device that would had never fullfil its intended usage( No, it not my first one).

    Anybody has any luck with another manufacturer firmware ?

    Now looking for a reasonably priced DLNA (Upnp) storage server.


  20. Zup says:

    I’ve bought a CHD3NET box, and I really really REALLY would like ext2/3 or NTFS support :(

    Now I’m using it with SyncBack freeware, but I have some problems with it.
    – Although it seems to report date/time correctly (as seen via total commander), syncback report always different date/time so it always copy all the files.
    – FTP breaks after copying about 500 files (maybe 512?), so it is unusable.
    – FTP lacks time modification commands.

    I’m using firmware 014 (NAS2891-014A L1.0 W1.0 downloaded through conceptronic web)… can I ger rid of some of this bugs with any “unofficial” firmare?

    What backup/synchronization software do you recommend with this box?

    In the date/time configuration page, below timezone is a check mark… does anybody knows what does it do?

  21. JFR says:

    I was about to recommend SyncToy 2,1 from Microsoft.
    But, I got another problem. Now it refuses to refresh any files, saying that the target got modified during the transfer !!!
    OMG this device will never do any single task as it should be done. It never worked well. What a crappy chipset/firmware,

    Dissapointed !

  22. QatQat says:

    Hi there, I have also updated my CHD3NET to firmware 014 with no improvement at all. It still sucks entirely. FAT32 is a disgrace and this unit keeps being useless.

    Anybody finally found an alternative firmware?


    Post Scriptum: In the meantime I bought myself a Netgear ReadyNAS, now that’s the way to go, rocket fast, powerful and slick!

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