Today released version6 of NAS-BASIC45 where I fixed the status.htm page.

There was an error reported that the DHCP functionality could not be activated. 

Download nas-basic45-69-r6.rar, nas-basic45-69-r7.rar this is latest revision with all files included.

It’s quick and dirty. Still looking for someone to fix the HTML ;-)

[update: smb.htm was incorrect. Somewhere there was an incorrect html-gui source used by me. Stupid mistake, now tested multiple times and should be ok]


4 thoughts on “NAS-BASIC45 LANDISK V2 (v6)

  1. anhil says:

    Cheers from Finland!

    Seems that the ‘Delete Folder’ push button was dropped out from the SMB management window. Not intentional or was it…


  2. Don Bowman says:

    I am having a problem with the SMB protocol and a SONOS digital music system.
    The sonos connects ok, but then it does a QUERY_FS_INFO request that gets an illegal error code (0xffff0002). it then goes on and does several more QUERY_FS_INFO that are successful, but then it disconnects (presumably because of the first error).

    How do i go about fixing this? Is the source code available? I have a network trace of the error.

  3. Jim Read says:

    I have pulled what hair I had left out trying to get an OS/2 client (actually the rejuvenated eCS version) to connect with two different NAS devices (LANDRIVE and COOLMAX) running nas basic45-69 (and your latest). The computer can see and connect to both RH linux and DLink DMS-G600 shares using SMB. But the NAS devices don’t find any trace of SMB and in fact hang the system. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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