Landisk: Multilingual Version web firmware

I just discovered a company ;-) Let’s call them the S. company and they have just released their RDC 2882 based (probably) landisk (or about to released, soon to come). They were so kind to modify the whole weblayout with multiple languages: english, german, dutch, french, italian, spanish, danish, swedish, finnish, norwedish, portugese. So to please the community who wants to have multiple languages and a really nice kind web interface: download it here the file is called: webm_ multilingual.dat

There are some little character issues (reboot), some features I have in my own modified gui are not supported (hidden folder).. but for many this can be a great test to see or maybe modify my GUI based on this one with some stuff they used ;-)

B.t.w It’s only the webinterface compiled

4 thoughts on “Landisk: Multilingual Version web firmware

  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for a cheap NAS-like solution yesterday. I gonna get my Mapower KC31-n in the next few days. In Germany the cheapest RDC 2882 based devices seem to be around 55 Euros (plus shipping). Ebay is more expensive than most around-the-corner stores thanks to the list of devices you’ve referenced in a previous post it’s easy to track them down.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. od1sea says:

    Dennis,you have only compiled packed or web sources also?.
    I have a question, to load this web GUI we must send like kernel, over de web upgrade page?.

    Many tanks.

  3. no, the websources I do not have, they are not that stupid ;-)
    They only released the websource, so no loader or kernel
    If you upgrade with another firmware you can just re-upgrade the webinterface. But it’s not clear if than all is working still

  4. Joe says:

    Great Work!!

    I’ve been looking around for an upgrade to my lan drive firware and came across your site. I upgraded the firmware and my unit works well.

    There is one problem though i’ve noticed. Only units that are fomated in FAT32 can be modified or accessed via the network interface. I can access my NTFS formated drive via USB but it would be nice to access it as a shared drive over the network.

    Is there a possibility this could work with NTFS drives or are there hardware limitations?

    Once again keep up the good work!!



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