RDC 2891 chipset LANDISK

For those people with a RDC 2891 chipset LANDISK (low-cost)

I have managed to get a new kernel driver: kernel-s2891-010b1 

There are no release-notes available yet, but I know for sure that a number of stability / compability issues are or will be solved. Just upgrade the file through the webinterface. Note: No warranties.

Note: this is NOT a kernel update for the RDC2882 chipset. Only for the RDC2891 chipset


Fixed: Mac OS 10.5 support

Fixed: Mac OS 10.4.x support multi-folders.

Fixed: FileSystem Longname refine.

Add: UPNPAV support iRadio.

Add: HD volume set from web.

40 thoughts on “RDC 2891 chipset LANDISK

  1. Yippie ……Fantastisch !! Met de vorige (standaard) versie firmware (1.0?) was het echt een MEGA probleem… Om OSX 10.5 compleet te bevriezen was het voldoende om te browsen in de netwerkomgeving met een CHD3NET aktief; het onderliggende osx-commando mount_smbfs veroorzaakt dit fenomeen. Windows en Linux clients werkten zo te zien zonder problemen. Met deze Beta kernel werkt mijn CHD3NET weer als vanouds.

    Gaaf :-) Hoe krijg jij dit voor elkaar…maw waar vind je zoiets ?


  2. Marc says:

    Hoi Dennis,

    Ik heb een Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH gekocht (met de RDC 2891 chipset) via UPnP AV mijn MP3’s mee te streamen. Nu blijkt dat die UPnP alleen maar voor XBOX is… En ik maar denken dat UPnP een standaard was… :-(
    Enig idee of er een firmware te verwachten is die ook streaming voor niet-XBox devices geeft? Of is dat technisch gewoon niet mogelijk?



  3. René says:

    Hi there, short question:
    Does the Mapower KC31-NS+ (SATA NAS-DISK) use the RDC2891 as well? I´m not sure about this point.

  4. René says:

    hi, thanks for the hint. Haven’t thought about that… ;-)

    It does use the 2891, i just updated the firmware, works fine.

  5. René says:

    Hi again,

    anyone ever tried to run a 1 TB SATA2-HDD with a 2891-based landisk? Because of the low prices i´m thinking of purchasing such a disk.

    Greetings René

  6. Mikel says:

    I use the KC31NS+ with Samsung HD103 UJ (1Terra), SATA2. First: Thanks for the new firmware, works fine, Second: 1 Terra HD works too. I still have some Problem with the KC31 to use it with a router (FritzBox 7270). It is not found with her Internetexplorer 7. (In DHCP usage). Only when i connect it directly with my PC, it is found an can be used. Does anyone know why. Thank you. Have a nice day.

  7. René says:

    Hi Mikel,

    thanks for the info. The samsung-disk is exactly the one i´m thinking about.
    To your issue:
    Are you sure the dhcp-server of the router is enabled? I´m running the kc31 connected to a netgear router with dhcp enabled and there is absolutely no problem connecting to the device from lan and even from wan.
    My first suggestion: assign a static ip to the kc31.

    Greetings René

  8. Sean says:

    Can I just install this outright? I’m using a Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH, which is based on this chipset. It’s using a firwnare that says NAS2890-008 LOADER 3.2. I have no idea how old this firmware is, or whther I can just upload your kernel-s2891-010b1 through the firmware update utility. I also have a firmware called landrive-FirmwareBasicNAS-48-b1-F.bin, which I haven’t tried. I want to upgrade the NAS because it has issues with my Netgear Eva8000 media player. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Jan says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for sharing your info and files.

    I just wanted to let you know and others of course :-)
    This firmware also works on the Freecom Network Drive 500GB (model codes xxxxxD)


  10. Bo says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Many thanks for the nice support you extended and still provide to us crazy NAS drive enthusiasts. You truly saved my day in June of 2007 by having listed the Vista firmware upgrade for the RDC 2881 (and 2882) series NAS drives. Your continued support of and into the next generation is much appreciated.

    Having bricked my new RDC 2891 NAS drive, Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH, I am again in trouble and urgently in need of information. I lost power during an attempt to upgrade to the new kernel-s2891-010b1 using the onboard interface and my unit is now almost dead. It works when connected via USB, but the Ethernet link does not work except for proper ping responses to and when scanning ports. It is then alive and responds with the name R/C.

    I have tried in vain to load your firmware with tftp as well as MT. Booth programs report success but the system is not coming up properly. I suppose I need to perform some special wake up procedure like the one posted by od1sea for the 2881/82 series. I am, however, not prepared to gamble any more until I have further information. Maybe I also need the bootloader or firmware complete with the loader. I got the impression that the bootloader is not in the kernel package listed by you. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    To express myself more clearly, I would like to have more light shared on the following:
     Tftp and MT booth seem to work and interact with the board. What do you think?
     The bootloader or combination bootloader kernel?
     Any inputs on physical actions to wake the board up?
     Any other inputs regarding flashing, regular or emergency?

    Whatever the outcome of this, I will post all relevant details in support of others finding themselves in similar situations.


  11. Marc says:

    I have a similar situation at the moment… :-( This is what happened (or what I did) to my Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH.

    I was trying to get the UPNP AV working for use with my PDA. As the original Firmware does not work with any other device then the XBOX, I decided to give new Firmware (kernel-s2891-010b1 ) a try. Uploaded it using Quick-Upgrade, without any errors. After booting, the USB connection was fine, but no connection over ethernet. I could ping te NAS on Using Scan-IP I could detect the NAS drive, but could not connect: after entering the admin password, Scan-IP froze for several minutes and then returned: ‘not connected’.

    I Tried re-flashing the same file using MT, which worked (although at the end a ‘recvfrom error 10060’ message), but the result is the same.
    Then I tried to flash an older firmware (FirmwareBasicNAS.bin and landrive-FirmwareBasicNAS-48-b1-F.bin) but I could not get MT to upload them…

    In Scan-IP, it still reads LOADER 3.2 as firmware… So as B0 had remarked, the package apparently does not contain a bootloader.

    Any hints or tips? Or did I just brick the device comlpletely…

    Thanks in advance for your help guys.

  12. Marc says:

    Oh, by the way:

    I found ‘RDC Loader Application’ somewhere on the net. Installed in om my pc, but it could not connect to my NAS. I don’t know if this is due to the firmware problem, or to the fact that this software is not intended for this chipset (it does not come with a lot of documentation… ;-) )

  13. Bo says:

    I was somewhat confused that Marc and I had different descriptions as to the port scan result. I now understand that we used different scanners and that we really seem to have the same situation. Now my scanner lists: IP Address, HD Name LOADER, Group Name WORKGROUP, Firmware Version LOADER 3.2.

    I am now starting to more strongly suspect that the loader, while it looks good from the scanner still is the culprit. In other words I think we need a copy of the correct loader. Marc, I think that the loader you tried to load is for the 2882 chipset NAS disk and not suitable for our purpose. This may also explain why you were not able to have it accepted for upgrade by either MT or tftp.

    Please, somebody, anybody out there, where can we find a bootloader copy or a copy of the complete firmware with bootloader for a RDC2891 based landrive, preferably the Mediasonic HD9-U2LA type.

    Any point of view gratefully accepted.

  14. Marc says:

    the first frimware I tried to upload was the kernel-s2891-010b1.bin I downloaded from the link on this site.

    I have now found a bootloader for a Landisk, but this is indeed for the 2882 chipset. By the way, this bootloader is around 60 Kb size, while the above linked firmware is over 200Kb. Maybe this indicates that with this kernel-s2891-010b1.bin we have not overwritten our bootloader (at least I hope)…. but it does not explain why we have a bricked NAS…

    My scanner also lists IP Address, HD Name LOADER, Group Name WORKGROUP, Firmware Version LOADER 3.2

    And even more strange: I still can upload the kernel-s2891-010b1.bin using MT: it shows a progress bar (dots) and ends with the message that the upload had been successfull. Uploading other firmware version is rejected…

    I have contacted Mediasonic with the request to provide a working firmware, but no reply untill now… lets hope Dennis can point us in the good direction…

  15. This is the only solution:

    1. Start CHD3NET
    2. Connect PC and device via LAN cable.
    3. Chang PC IP address to (the CHD3NET default address is
    4. Use Windows XP command TFTP.exe
    5. In command line type “cmd” to open DOS command window.
    6. Execute :
    Tftp –i PUT
    Tftp –i PUT kernel.bin

    7. After finished, CHD3NET will automatically reboot.
    8. After rebooting, the device will return to default factory setting

    As there is no loader update it should not have been damaged

  16. bo says:

    I did overlook the fact that the RDC 2882 NAS disks have a firmware set combining the three components Loader, Kernel and Web. Therefor, it is reasonable to assume that our RDC 2891 NAS disks also holds the same three components. My previous thinking was that the web module was part of the kernel. However, comparing the size of the 2891 kernel to the size of the 2882 kernel it becomes quite clear that the web module is separate and extra.

    1. Kernel
    Using TFTP as well as MT, we have repeatedly loaded the Kernel (kernel-s2891-010b.bin 270k). Booth methods have indicated success, so it would be reasonable to assume that we have the indicated kernel correctly loaded by now.
    2. Loader
    We know two facts about the loader
    – it is presenting itself correctly when the Ethernet interface is scanned
    – it seems to interact correctly with the TFTP
    Let us assume for a while that the loader is OK.
    3. We have, so far, not even thought of the web part and yet the web part is what we are not seeing when our screens remain empty.

    I may be completely wrong, but based on the foregoing it seems likely to me that the web firmware module was corrupted when we tried to upgrade. The conclusion would thus be that we really need the complete firmware set, i.e. the Loader, the Kernel and the Web.

    What do you think? – Marc or anybody else

  17. bo says:

    Your suggested TFTP procedure is exactly what I have applied. However, unfortunately the unit does not come back with anything after reboot. What about the web part of the firmware? (I am afraid our posts went past oneanother.)

  18. Marc says:

    Hi Bo and Dennis,

    I also tried the tftp command line as Dennis described: I had a successfull upload (276959 bytes in 1 second) and the unit rebooted as precdicted. However I still could not connect.

    I am not such a technical specialist as you guys seem to be, but Bo’s explanation does make sense to me. Maybe it is the web part that is corrupt. Are there any low level commands that can be sent over the LAN to verify?

    One other thing I found that might be of use (you never know): when the NAS is idle and I ping it from a command line, all packages are received in time.
    Next, I tried to connect to the NAS using Scan IP.exe to the point right after the log screen (login: admin, pw:admin) and Scan IP.exe freezes for minutes. If I ping the NAS during this periode, half of the packages get lost. Maybe this info is of use…

    Hope we can get this thing sorted…

  19. Bo says:

    Only Marc and myself seem to have posted experiences from upgrading Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH LAN disk units (the Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH is a NAS LAN disk unit based on the RDC 2891chip set) to kernel-s2891-010b1 posted on this site? Is there anybody else out there who can share experiences with us?

  20. René says:

    Hi Bo & Marc,

    i´m using a Mapower KC31NS+, which also features the rdc2891. On my site there were absolutely no problems applying the new kernel.

    I upgraded threw the web interface and everything went well. Maybe Mediasonic didnt use the reference kernel from rdc and the device got broken as the reference kernel was applied? Just a thought…

    Greetings René

  21. Maurits says:

    I flashed my CHD3NET with the beta firmware.
    Before my SL5520 Philips media player couldn\’t find the CHD3NET.
    With new firmware it can find it but:
    It can\’t see subdirectories and it can only start with the first song in a directory.
    So the music server is still a bit wacky.
    Why can\’t these manufactureres come up with better firmware. Be very ashamed Conceptronic!

  22. @maurits: the CHD3NET does not have a full features UPnP Server
    the server available from the RDC 2891 chipset (manufacturer does not matter, so to blame Conceptronic is just a blame cause you have one of them, but any other RDC based one will have same issue) is only for an XBOX360 suitable and not any other media player

    if you want a more suitable device for your media player you have to invest some more money and buy a NAS with UPNP A/V server like DLINK 323, CONCEPTRONIC CH3SNAS, THECUS etc..

  23. Maurits says:

    You are totally right, but the fact that my SLA5520 can see everything in the root and the first subdirectory made wonder if it’s not possible to see further. That would be enough.

    (I noticed that you are using wordpress. Is working for you?)

  24. Marc says:

    I gave and bought a new CH3SNAS from Conceptronics. It seems to work much more stable than my (now bricked) Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH.

    Nevertheless, I still hope a good soul could point me and Bo to the right direction in getting our Mediasonic NAS back to work again…


  25. Marc says:

    Hi Bo,

    Thanks for investigating and sharing your experience. I tried the procedure you described and got my NAS back to work!

    Thanks alot!

    Best regards, Marc.

  26. Phil says:

    My apologies for being a NAS newbie and for going slightly off topic but after a number of nights of searching on the web for firmware for a RDC 2881 based NAS Bo’s comment on the 28th have me confused. Can I use certain 2882 firmware to upgrade my 2881?

    If not can you let me know where I can get the latest (or should that be last) 2881 firmware release. It was cheap and I bought it without doing my homework but it should do everything I need if I can get some better firmware.

    I would really appreciate not ‘bricking’ it so anyone who has had any success upgrading a generic rdc 2881, please let me know how you did it and with what firmware.


  27. kadir says:

    The password change for admin user on the NAS chd3net was not successfull. Now, i can not login.
    How to reset the password?

  28. quino says:

    Hi Kadir,

    I had the same trouble than you. For me it worked to upload the firmware using the prodedure described in the post written by Denis on April 2nd, 2008 at 2:33 pm. The firmaware is available on conceptronic website. It will reset the password to admin/admin. I used CHD3NET_FW_UPD_v012.bin.

    Good luck!

  29. Johanvdv says:

    Hi there,

    I found this site by looking for solutions of my problem. There seems to be quite some experts here, so I hope one of you can help me before I go crazy!!

    I have a Davolink DV-2020 ADSL Wirelss Modem router with voip. I also have 2 pc’s. I bought a NAS-drive to put it in the network and make it possible to connect to it from both PC’s. I first had bought a Buffalo NAS-drive but could not get it to be found on the network. Tried all kind of combinations with IP and DHCP-setting but the software or win xp dit not find it. Only when attached directly to the pc…

    So I bought the Conceptronic CHD3NET500. But again I have the same issues. The biggest proplem at the moment is that I have set the IP-adres to a fixed one (, subnet, gateway, dns-1, dsn-2, which still did not help and now I also cannot get anymore into the webmenu when it is direct attached to the pc!! Is there a way to reset to factory defaults so I can get into the menu again??

    After resetting I need some serious advice in getting it to work in my network. Here are my details:
    modem router: Davolink DV-2020
    gateway: 192.168.1.
    subnet mask:
    DHCP server with adresses from to
    (leased time: 168 hr)
    Normal given adresses in network: (pc-1); (pc-2); (Nokia E65); (PDA)
    I have normally Zonealarm on as a software firewall

    How should I setup the drive to get it to work??


  30. Pedro says:


    Do you know if there are any way to remove the 4GB size of the files using lan of the KC31NS+? It´s because he only accepts format the disc in fat32 instead of ntfs…

  31. martin says:

    There is a jumper inside the box.
    Replace it in position 1-2 (rst dfl) turned it on, then turned it off, jumper to normal (2-3)
    I connected it directly to the pc, then ipconfig /renew and ipconfig /release. Found the ip
    Connected to the mainscreen and made my settings and closed all of them.
    Then connect to the netword.
    Only thing what I can’t get done is to connect by the network for the main screen.
    All the folders I use for sharing are there.
    Hope it works for you and others.

  32. eli says:

    Can you stream video to the xbox with these drives ? I can only stream audio and pictures..

    Do I need another firmware ?

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