CH3SNAS: 1.04RC2 firmware

Release Candiate 2 1.04 firmware CH3SNAS

if this version is suitable enough it will be released on the Conceptronic website as 1.04 relaease.

In this firmware release:

UPnP Server instant update bug.

For freaks: the /usr/bin/inotify_upnp script was only be executed or running when the server was enabled and folder is ROOT, when enabling another folder, only prescan was executed. (Thanks Matthijs for doing some testings with me and having patience ;-) ).

Support for IFO, M2TS, TS, MKV etc. was added. Note: it’s extremely important that your media device is capable of working with UPnP AV with these extensions (especially on IFO and ISO part cause it can cause some issues when reading this data (unexpected UPnP AV feature).

A second remark is that you have to disable the UPnP server totally and reboot, so that the database will be updated removed and updated totally. Cause it’s possible that certain files are not being indexed or seen after disable / reboot / enable.

We also added a new feature in this 1.04RC2 release:

It is possible that a RAID1 enters a ‘DEGRADED’ status. Normally, after a reboot, the device will ‘RESYNC’ the HDD contents automatically. But in certain conditions the status will not change from ‘DEGRADED’ into RESYNC’ and you can only fix that when forcing the HDD to be member of the array again (fun_plug needed). The feature will only be seen when using your Harddisk in RAID1 mode.

A reboot is required for a forced resync.

Feedback is appreciated

35 thoughts on “CH3SNAS: 1.04RC2 firmware

  1. Peter says:

    Installed the new firmware, restarted, did a factory reset en restarted again.
    On my PS3 all video files (divx, xvid and mpeg4) show up as ‘unsupported data’. With RC1, the only problem I had with playing video files on my PS3 was that large files (>2GB) did not play entirely. Which by the way is not a PS3 fault, because with TVersity and Twonky these files play perfectly. And this is also not a new problem because it exists in all previous firmwares. Wasn’t this device supposed to be DLNA compliant? The PS3 is DLNA certified.

  2. Ad says:

    when updating the firmware from RC1 to RC2 the following error occurs:

    Firmware Upload Error!

    The uploaded file was not accepted by the CH3SNAS. Please return to the previous page and select a valid upgrade file.

    I did download the 1.04rc2 again and tried again, but with the same result.

  3. Roy says:

    i don’t know if i am on the right place.
    But i got my ch3snas and it works. the only thing i can’t get to work is the sheduling page. Every time i hit test i get a failure. i tried to copy folders, files i can’t see. But eventually i want an incremental backup of Volume_1 tot Volume_2.
    I search the internet, fora an d this site and i stumble on the frequantly mentioned fun-plug. I ‘am from the old DOS generation so i understand someone command line but this is to much. It should not to be difficult to implement the fun-plug feature in the firmware so i becomes an GUI option under de button schedualing or am i mistaken?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong spot.

  4. AndiSkater says:

    I have the the same problem Peter has: My PS3 shows all Videos as “Inkompatible Daten” (german version). My Zyxel DMA-1000W steaming box has the same problem: I can see the list of videos but they are greyed out.
    I turned the UPNP server of, restarted, turned it back on and tried it, restarted again,… but no help. No way… I hope there is a solution to this problem soon, i’ have to read a book till then…

  5. Peter says:

    With firmware versions 1.03 and 1.04RC1, all files are visible in the file browser of the PS3 and they are all playable. With firmware 1.04RC2 they are still visible, but no longer playable.

    And again: With all firmware versions, large video files (>2GB) do play, but only for about 10 or 15 minutes. For a 4GB file, the PS3 shows a files size of 600MB.

  6. Dagobert says:

    I’ve installed the new 1.04RC2 firmware.
    I can see the video content on my Pinnacle Showcenter 200, but I cannot sellect the files to play. This is true for all files: avi, Divx, MP4 etc …
    With V1.03 this was not a problem.
    Any solutions or should I just go back to 1.03?

  7. Dagobert: did you change the path of the to be indexed files, or did you disable, reboot, enable the UPnP AV part?

    Cause it could be that the database has to be made from scratch..

  8. Fox says:

    I have the same problem with the PS3, all files show up as unsupported data. Installed the firmware, factory reset, tried in various ways to force a db rebuild and even did a reformat to see if this would fix it.
    No problems with 1.03.

  9. Bas says:

    De D-link DNS-323 heeft sinds de nieuwe firmware officiele support voor bittorrent. Aangezien de dns-323 en de Ch3snas bijna identiek aan elkaar zijn, krijgt de ch3snas dan ook bittorrent support? Misschien in een latere firmware update, of is dat niet mogelijk?

  10. Bas,

    heeft geen toegevoegde waarde. De bittorrent versie die er ‘default’ in wordt gezet is niet iets wat ik voor ogen heb. Er zijn betere fun_plug alternatieven.

    En dan kan er beter gefoccussed worden op wat het ding moet doen.


  11. Bas says:

    Was het nou wel of niet mogelijk om de firmware van de d-link op ch3snas uit te proberen?

  12. Dan says:

    I have an Eagle-Tech NAS. There is no 2882 chip or 2891 chip in it. It uses a SST39VF040 chip which appears to be a flash device. The unit is running basic48 load67 and the bin is newer than basic48load69 on here. All I want is Upnp so my PS3 can see it on the network. My question is this:
    Because the SST39VF040 is a flash device, does that mean I could use a 2891 bin and it would then simply appear as another chip rather that the 2882?

  13. Dagobert says:

    I did disable, reboot, installed new firmware and enabled the UPnP AV part.

    I went back to the 1.03 firmware and now all is fine.

  14. Arnoud says:

    Heb ook het probleem met de PS3 en ‘unsupported data’.
    Film en muziek werken geen van beide.
    Alle stappen gedaan die aangegeven worden, geen resultaat.
    Als ik kan helpen testen hoor ik het wel.

  15. Thanks for the input, probleem is bekend en inmiddels gereproduceerd. Wordt nu debugged om te zien of het op te lossen valt.

  16. Roy says:

    I downloaded the RC2 because i could not wait until the final. It solved all my wishes (copy from volume_1 to volume_2). It is a pitty that the incremental option does not work 2 ways (when deleted on volume_1 it get deleted at volume_2)
    But that is a minor issue, better backedup to much than less. thanks for the RC2. I don’t know but the speed and % completed is not displayed.

  17. George says:

    Wanneer ik email alerts wil instellen (sender email en receiver email); dan krijg ik iedere keer een melding “Please check sender email address format”. Ik heb gemerkt dat dit te maken heeft met het feit dat er een punt staat tussen mijn voor en achternaam.
    Dus “” wordt niet geaccepteerd, maar “” weer wel.
    Is dit op te lossen?

  18. Martijn says:

    Just bought a CH3SNAS yesterday. Tried 1.03, then 1.04rc2.

    Besides FTP for backups, I want to use the NAS to stream music (mp3 and aac/.m4a) to my Pinnacle SoundBridge. This player is almost the same as the Roku SoundBridge, but lacks iTunes support.

    The built-in mt-daapd doesn’t work with this player, it’s reported as an incompatible server. Maybe the roku procotol (RCP) is missing?

    I’ve installed fun_plug and a newer version of mt-daapd/firefly (version 1498), this works like a charm. Any chance of the mt-daapd in the firmware being replaced with a newer version?

  19. George, ik denk niet dat je de laatste firmware gebruikt.. dit probleem is opgelost in een van de 1.04 versies.. in ieder geval in de 1.04RC2

  20. @martijn,
    the latest upnp server has some incompabilities (I dunno what) with your device and for example the PS3 ..

    latest version(s) of some prg’s you can use when using Fun_Plug, it will not destroy your data or device, you just can extend it with kewl features.

  21. Uwe Winter says:

    With RC2 evrything is fine for me.
    But one thing makes trouble.
    If you go to Advanced -> Users and try to change the Properties of an user it does not work since the popup is flawed it does not copy the information of the user one wants to change. I used Konqueror and Firefox as browser.
    And i got an Idea to make the firmware even better ;-)
    That would be to include a way to upload cookie information to the download-scheduler thus it would be able to download from rapidshare or other accounts that offer download via cookie authorization. This is rather easy to implement as wget (which I assume to be the underlying download program) has the option –load-cookies which takes a cookie file in mozilla form and uses them.

    Best Regards.
    Uwe Winter

  22. Good afternoon,

    I installed the version 1.04 RC2, and the copies of security into the manager, put user pass, pulp of the disc 1 to copy and paste the destination disk 2. Recevi error message. Can we help this situation.

    Thanks Paulo

  23. a beta release can become a final release when it’s available through the auto update from the Internet..
    Latest beta will not become a final though ..
    it’s unknown when a new beta will be send to beta testers

  24. Harno says:

    Zojuist deze 1.04rc2 firmware geinstalleerd. Helaas kan ik met deze versie geen muziek meer streamen naar mijn Philips SLA5500. De mappen en mp3’s zijn zichtbaar maar als ik dan een mp3 selecteer om af te spelen verschijnt op het display de melding: “connection down”. Met de 1.03 versie werkte het wel.

  25. Harno says:

    Dennis, bedankt voor je reactie. Het is dus even wachten op de nieuwe firmware. Ben terug naar de 1.03b6 firmware waarmee het streamen wel werkt. Kan nu weer naar mijn op genomen InTheMix uitzendingen luisteren :).

    Ben overigens ook benieuwd of er in toekomstige firmware iets is aangepast waardoor de fan uit gaat als de CH3SNAS op standby gaat. Zou welkom zijn want nu draait hij constant. Zou mooi zijn als het mogelijk was om dit in de wizard met de originele firmware in te kunnen stellen. Ik weet dat het met de fun-plug en een script op te lossen is maar zou het liefst geen fun-plug willen gebruiken.

  26. Tauro7 says:

    Hi…. can´t we wait anytime one firmware to use CHs3NAS with X-Box 360? :-(
    One thing I miss is posibility to resume one movie (like example with media center)…

  27. Elroy says:

    Dag Dennis

    Is er al enig idee wanneer de nieuwe Firmware uit gaat komen?. en is er in de nieuwe firmware ook de PS3 bugs gefixt?

    Groeten Elroy

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