Personal Achievements: Create a product what can win prices

Proud, proud to see that the product I have developed, (from idea to end (the whole product development )) finally wins a price in the category: Best Professional Storage Product. The Freecom SilverStore 2-Drive NAS wins over Promise, G-Tech, Synology and IOmega.. the MAC WORLD 2012 awards ..

Bummer …. and they had to let me go due to an internal reorganisation. I am Seeking a new job …. with this kind of achievement somebody must notice and see the potential not?

Okay what was my part in all of this:


One thought on “Personal Achievements: Create a product what can win prices

  1. You should not develop new NAS devices, it brings you bad luck ;) I hope you find a new job soon! But i have no doubt that somebody might be interested in your expertise. If not, open your own company and bring the world-best device to the market! ;)


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