Ah .. I see that people at work made public one of our latest projects: The Conceptronic MediaTitan and someone told mpcclub after reading the newspage

a complete new kind of media player (yep all kind of formats can be played (like the cfullhdma)) / recorder with DVB-T functionalities. Especially for those countries with large DVB-T usage (free to air) .. the remote control is awesome rocking in usability but totally different in what people are used to use …

the design is slick and slim and it was kept very simple.

Internal is a nice new processor (will be revealed later) ;-)

Especially on the GUI the dev team has worked hard for many month’s to get a nice usable GUI (Graphical User Interface)

A small hint or tip of the main menu:

3 thoughts on “MediaTitan

  1. John van Oorschot says:

    I’ve been reading the forum regarding the cfullhdma since the first post. Finally convinced to buy the cfullhdma, you guys release the titan. Is it the cfullhdma + better + more? When will there be more info regarding this new player.


  2. Totally different product and as the deivce has DVB-T tuner for play/record it’s positioned for a different market than the dutch market as there is no way for using a CI module for the Digitenne card .. so only Free To Air DVB-T is possible (Germany / Spain etc..)

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