Pre-Airs (TV-Series)

This seasons TV series are from me (in random order) and far from complete list:

  • Prison Break (first 2 episodes aired)
  • Heroes (seems to start this month)
  • Lost (seems to start this month)
  • Dexter, Pre-Air episode 1¬†is available (already seen)
  • Californication, Pre Air Season 2, episode 1 and & 2 are available

and thanks to the comments I can add more:

  • Supernatural (seen all seasons)
  • Bones (only saw all official¬†DVD episodes)
  • BattleStar Gallactica, I should also not forget
  • Smallville

Searching for other TV-series worth to watch ..

2 thoughts on “Pre-Airs (TV-Series)

  1. mortai says:

    …then check out the following:
    the shield, the unit, eli stone!!!, criminal minds, hbo s generation kill, … and the new sons of anarchy… if you like comedy check out -how i met your mother- and of course scrubs… just for starters… and of course the above mentiones sarah connor chronicles…

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