Ah .. I see that people at work made public one of our latest projects: The Conceptronic MediaTitan and someone told mpcclub after reading the newspage

a complete new kind of media player (yep all kind of formats can be played (like the cfullhdma)) / recorder with DVB-T functionalities. Especially for those countries with large DVB-T usage (free to air) .. the remote control is awesome rocking in usability but totally different in what people are used to use …

the design is slick and slim and it was kept very simple.

Internal is a nice new processor (will be revealed later) ;-)

Especially on the GUI the dev team has worked hard for many month’s to get a nice usable GUI (Graphical User Interface)

A small hint or tip of the main menu:

CFULLHDMA: beta testers unite ..

Available in the market is the Conceptronic CFULLHDMA, a FULL HD able player based on a Sigma Designs Chipset. The device is about to play almost anything and users are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible so that the device is meeting your needs as HD junkie

The released / shipping firmware is 1.08.04 but development did not stop. Through the Internet Upgrade users can already upgrade the device to 1.08.09 1.09.10

Firmware release notes for people who like to read them: (for newer version, please find it here under the CFULLHDMA tag ..

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