CFULLHDMA: beta testers unite ..

Available in the market is the Conceptronic CFULLHDMA, a FULL HD able player based on a Sigma Designs Chipset. The device is about to play almost anything and users are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible so that the device is meeting your needs as HD junkie

The released / shipping firmware is 1.08.04 but development did not stop. Through the Internet Upgrade users can already upgrade the device to 1.08.09 1.09.10

Firmware release notes for people who like to read them: (for newer version, please find it here under the CFULLHDMA tag ..

1. Support DTS pass through mode.
2. Fix that Blueray TS files with H.264 video cannot be played.

Internal Release

1. Support MKV built-in subtitle.

1. Support external subtitle (srt and sub) for MKV video files.

v.01.08.09 Internet Upgrade Release

New Release (Only for beta testers)
1. Support the option of disable network LED. (“Setup/System Setup/Other Setting/Advance Setting/Network LED”)
2. Fix memory leak when playing video or music files.
3. Fix that HDMI cannot sync again after switching other TV mode (From TV set) when start to play video files.
4. Fix some bugs of playing DVD.
5. Fix the bug of GoTo function when the file size is too large or too small.
6. Fix the duration is wrong for some large video files.
7. Fix some video files cannot be played.
8. Fix segmentation fault if turning off device too soon when booting.
9. Fix segmentation fault for some graphic subtitle (.sub and .idx).
10. Fix segmentation fault when parsing some MP3 ID3v2.
11. Fix system will not return at the end of playing some video files.

1. Fix DVD subtitle issue.
2. Fix lip sync issue for playing AVI files.
3. Fix that the position of showing some graphic subtitle (.sub and .idx) is not correct.
4. Fix subtitle cannot be shown in some cases when playing MKV files.
5. Support srt subtitle for Conceptronic NAS (CH3SNAS/CH3WNAS) (UPnP server).

1. fix idx/sub issue
2. support samba client (connect to your Windows Network Shares) (beta; there are some known issues)

Users who want to do beta testing have to leave a message with a valid e-mail address here

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