CH3SNAS Firmware release 1.04RC1

Just released for those who like to test:

1.04RC1, if we get positive comments it will be released

Release notes:

We added/modified support for users and groups. The following does apply:

  • A user can be a member of more than one group
    There are, however, some restrictions:

under samba, user can see “ALL” folders which he has the right to access.
under ftp, user only can see “the last mentioned” folder which he has the right to access.

  • Workgroup can support any characters following the MS rule
  • The UPnP Server is supporting new additional formats like: FLAC, IFO, ISO, MKV, M2TS, VC1, DIVX, AAC, M4A, SUB, APE, FLV, DV.

Please test and send me updates about the instant update of the UPnP Database, there is no refresh or crontab anymore as content is instantly updated. But I need feedback if this is working properly.

  • Email alerts are now sent with valid hostname. Some SMTP servers did not accept the e-mails as a not valid hostname was sent.
  • Add support for RFC3834; the e-mail New mail header “Auto-Submitted: auto-generated” is added to the message header.
  • Add new function : clear printf queue, available at the menu optin Status -> Print Info
  • Fixing DNS name of NTP server like:” it was wrongly treated as IP string


24 thoughts on “CH3SNAS Firmware release 1.04RC1

  1. The email alerts now work for me!!

    Not quite sure about the UPnp instant-update feature. It certainly isn’t instant. After an hour, it still didn’t want to see my updates, on a disk with ~5000 multimedia files. Pointing the UPnp server to a directory with only ~200 files forced an update once, but after that, no further changes were noticed by the server.
    Since there is no more ‘Refresh’ button on the web interface, I have no way of forcing the UPnp to do an update. This means I can only access content it currently has indexed.

    Can I have the refresh button back, pretty please?

    Guess I need to go back to the 1.03 firmware. UPnp is more important to me than the email alerts.

  2. After a long debug session with Dennis over the phone, the problem has been located.
    – Install firmware 1.03
    – Restore to factory defaults
    – Install firmware 1.04

    If for some reason you have to restore the factory defaults on the 1.04 version, you need to repeat the sequence above.

  3. Jasper says:


    Tried to upgrade to 1.04rc1 but during the upgrade i get the standard page saying that this webpage cannot be displayed. When i login again, firmware still is at 1.03. I disabled the funplug, did a restart, restored factory defaults, upgraded to 1.04 but failed again.

  4. Jasper says:

    update: after removing the usb-hub with printer and usb stick the upgrade was succesful

  5. Jos says:

    Updaten van users naar een groep lijkt niet te werken.

    Ik heb eerst twee groepen aangemaakt, om m’n bestaande users hierin onder te brengen.

    Vervolgens wil ik een user editen, maar in de popup lijkt de username al niet herkent te worden. Alle velden zijn leeg.

    Ook als ik de username die ik wil editen invul, lijkt er niets te gebeuren.

  6. Jos says:

    Another strange thing that I noticed today, but I am not sure if this is specific for this release.

    I use the DHCP server functionality because I really do like the fact that you see the hostname of a machine in the network. My router does only show the given IP address and the Mac address.

    What I noticed today is that my Philips SLA5520’s do get an IP address, but do not appear in the DHCP client list. Very strange. As soon as I do turn on e.g. my laptop, I immediatly see it appear in the list!

    Good news is that I noticed that for the first time in a very long period, both my HD’s went to sleep !!! Don’t know if this will keep on functioning, but untill now this has never worked for me.

  7. knarfje says:

    Stil asking to implant ,possible in this release?
    is there a list somewhere of all the future request??


    Future request

    Configuration: ch3snas
    2 hard disks of 500 gig

    Is it possible to make a selectable configuration in the web interface like below:

    a small volume_1 JBOD 0ff aprx. 20 gig
    a big volume_2 RAID1 off aprx . 980 gig

    When i do a raid configuration i always end up with a large volume_1 and a small volume_2.

    It would be nice and tidy to have a small volume_1 for playing and experimenting with fun_plug and a big Volume_2 RAID1 for network storage and samba/nfs sharing.
    Is this possible to implant?

    End qoute.

  8. Peter says:

    This might not be the right place for this, but I have a problem that is not fixed by the new firmware.

    I have a few large mpeg-4 files (>4GB) on my CH3SNAS that show up on my PS3 and play as well, but not completely. In the file info on the PS3, the files lengths vary between 600MB and 2GB, but never the right length.

    When I share the same files from the CH3SNAS using TVersity (on my XP box), all files show up on the PS3 with their actual lengths and they play from start to finish.

    Is this a known problem?

    Everything else works fine.

  9. Jos says:

    Sorry, hope I will not be seen as spammer, but I again I discover something:

    When I schedule a backup and I select the \”Incremental Backup (Only for local backup)\” checkbox, it looks like this is not stored. Because when the task is saved, and I edit the task again, the checkbox is not checked anymore.

    Is the setting not stored, or is the setting not shown when the task is edited?

  10. Remco says:

    Hallo, Ik heb de NAS sinds gisteren binnen. Firmware geupdate van 1.02 naar 1.036a. Melding dat deze succesvol was, reboot, controle en idd firmware goed geupdate.

    2x 500 GB Samsung Spinpoint in RAID0 geconfigureerd als 1 grote schijf van 996 GB. Eerste keer verbonden met internet explorer 64bit, na het formateren geeft hij dan aan dat dat succesvol was, vervolgens na de reboot en reconnect kom je weer op de pagina om de schijven te formateren. Daarna verbonden met Firefox, weer de schijf aangemaakt zoals hierboven beschereven en toen ging het wel goed. OS Vista Ultimate 64 BIT.

    Kopieeractie gestart van om en nabij 65GB. Na een uur weer eens gekeken en op de PC de melding dat de schijf vol was of niet bestond. Bij controle was de NAS niet meer te bereiken via de webinterface, 5 seconden de powerknop inhouden om hem uit te schakelen werktte ook niet.

    Ik las in de handleiding van de security policy onder vista met het NTLM / NTLM V2 verhaal. Dit stond bij mij niet goed, ik kan het alleen nu dus niet meer testen want ik krijg het apparaat niet meer aan. Voordat ik nou bij de leverancier aanklop en zeg dat het ding niet goed is wil ik het wel even uitsluiten, anders sta je ook zo lekker voor lul :)

    Stekker er dus uiteindelijk uit, nu gaat het hele apparaat niet meer aan. Tips hiervoor zijn ZEEEEER welkom :) Ik druk nu op de powerknop, de led licht heel even op, halve seconde, en daarna alleen nog de netwerk aansluiting led die brand.

  11. Remco says:

    Schijven eruit gehaald, zelfde probleem. RMA procdure gestart en wachten op een nieuwe…

    thx voor de reply!

  12. Hugo says:

    Hier hetzelfde probleem. Gisteren opeens niet meer bereikbaar, sindsdien kuren. Nu wil de NAS niet meer starten, power lampje blijft knipperen. Soms worden de schijven wel gevonden, soms niet. Ik heb nog geprobeerd de schijven via de NAS opnieuw te formatteren toen ie nog een keertje op kwam, maar ook toen viel de netwerk verbinding weg en het lijkt nu helemaal over. Er zijn wel verschillende varianten: geen powerled, geen hdd of knipperende power, zonder hdd of knipperende power met hdd lampjes. Lijkt wel alsof ie niet meer boot….Tips? Anders ook maar RMAen…
    Gelukkig stond er nog geen belangrijke data op, vorige week pas ontvangen…

  13. Enrico says:

    Streaming mp3 files from my CH3SNAS to my Pinnacle soundbridge is still a big problem (firmware 1.03Final and 1.04rc1). About 50% of the folders/albums cannot be played because the Soundbridge displays an error (Invalid result received / ongeldig resultaat ontvangen). It seems that certain file names (and/or tags) are the main cause for the errors. Probably the string send by the default CH3SNAS mediastreamer to the Soundbridge has not the correct format. When I stream the mp3 folders/albums with Fonz fun_plug V0.5 and mediatomb from the NAS to the soundbridge or when I stream the folders/albums with firefly from my PC to the NAS, I don’t experience any problems. So I think that the problem is within the CH3SNAS firmware…

    I bought the CH3SNAS because of the built in mediastream capabilities. At this moment I am a bit disappointed because it seems that I can only playback my audiofiles by installing a third party plugin and additional software on the CH3SNAS. It took me a few days of reading and trying and is certainly not something that the average PC-user is capable to do.

  14. Enrico, maybe you can give me some MP3 files than I can analyze it, when I use my C54WMP or CFULLHDMA I have no issue at all .. so it’s probably related to something the soundbridge does not want to eat and due to a change in how some other software (firefly) is handling the data it is working ..

    Note: the NAS is mainly for NAS, the UPnP server itself is limited in capabilities, Firefly or Twonky is much advancer ..

  15. Enrico says:

    Dennis, I have just send you a sample file causing problems. Please check your PM.
    Because the CH3SNAS is advertised as upnp av capable, I would expect no problems in streaming mp3’s. I know that firefly and twonky are capable of handling more fileformats and customizing playback order and selecting tag info to be send. But a basic player should not have problems with file names. I hope you can sort out why some file names can not be played by the Soundbridge.

  16. Thomas says:

    Hoi Dennis,

    Ik heb hetzelfde probleem als Enrico (nu bij firmware 1.04RC5); de soundbridge geeft aan een ongeldig resultaat ontvangen te hebben.
    Heb je inmiddels al enig idee wat dit veroorzaakt? Als bepaalde karakters hiervoor zorgen, kan ik die eruit halen. Dat is even werk, maar dan doet alles het tenminste…
    Alvast bedankt,


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