After a nice weekend

We promised ourselves to start or end a good day with Champagne or a Cava ;-)

We are again busy with firmware(s) … it never stops ;-)

People do not know what ROT13 is .. I wrote somewhere a sentence, but no-one did notice it yet .. It has a easter-egg / feature / functionality hint in it ..

Testing some features/ functions of the CFULLHDMA after some feedback users

I’ve received some new files which are not playable … it’s good to get a lot content to see if it’s playable yes or no ..

Let’s make it available to some people .. ;-)

4 thoughts on “After a nice weekend

  1. Patman says:

    Uh, is dit em?

    re mvwa zrre jrtra qvr anne ebzr/pbafbyr npprff yrvqra

    er zijn meer wegen die naar rome/console access leiden

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