CFULLHDMA: 1.10.02 firmware

Based on a new Linux kernel I am releasing a new beta firmware version with following fixes/changes:


  1. Updated: support changing audio track (Lang Key) for MKV files.
  2. Updated: language translation.
  3. Fixed: sound disappears after fast forward for playing some wmv files.
  4. Changed Linux Kernel 2.4x version to 2.6.15.
  5. Fixed: iMedia list restore issue after power down.
  6. Fixed: NFS shares cannot resume and play.
  7. Fixed: DVD menu issue.
  8. Fixed: MKV subtitle disappeare issue.
  9. Fixed: DVD [LANG] key issue.
  10. Fixed: AVI mutltiple language srt issue.

Known issues:

  • Some jpeg images cannot be shown correctly.
  • no support for Video file auto detection (4:3 / 16:9 issue).
  • Some DVD’s still do not allow switching audio or subtitle by remote.
  • Some DVD’s will give a hickup during switch chapter.
  • Some TS files do show wierd encoding artefacts when playing.

there are more issues not written in this list but you can find them here

The new firmware is only available for beta testers.

9 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: 1.10.02 firmware

  1. Stefan says:

    I’ve just bought the CFULLHDMA. I would like to play .dts files, but they only give noise on my receiver. I use de SPDIF en RAW mode. Also .wav with encapsulated DTS give a noise. Is there a way to play these files?

    It seems the CFULLHDMA is converting MP3 to PCM even in RAW mode. Is het possible to send the RAW MP3 to my receiver?

    Groets, Stefan.

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