The Boxee Box Trouble

So .. and finally we see the issue of Boxee Box with a possible ‘violation’ of the GPLv3 ..

Where Boxee with D-Link are also using Intel CE chipset, I was involved in a project called YuiXX also having similar chipset. During the project I emphasized a number of times to the developers that ‘closed source’ can happen but the GPL rules must be taken into account (especially when using GPLv3). I hope they listened but as the product had huge delays due to various reasons I

CFULLHDMA: Share content to analyze

It could be possible that you encounter an issue with a certain multimediafile (music / video / photo) during playback on the CFULLHDMA.

To analyze your issue it is important to have exactly the same content you are using. A lot of people do not have the ability to provide the content themselves, but are able to upload.

If you have issues and want to share them with me: upload your content to my FTP server. Create a folder and put there the file including a text file with the issue (English language please) – Username: conceptronic – Password: cfullhdma

You can upload, resume etc.. but you cannot download .. so do not bother trying (but you will) … If this FTP ability is successful I will keep using it, otherwise I will close the FTP again.

For freaks: I use a little updated version of these PROFTPD settings to prevent downloading and some other things ..