CFULLHDMA: Share content to analyze

It could be possible that you encounter an issue with a certain multimediafile (music / video / photo) during playback on the CFULLHDMA.

To analyze your issue it is important to have exactly the same content you are using. A lot of people do not have the ability to provide the content themselves, but are able to upload.

If you have issues and want to share them with me: upload your content to my FTP server. Create a folder and put there the file including a text file with the issue (English language please) – Username: conceptronic – Password: cfullhdma

You can upload, resume etc.. but you cannot download .. so do not bother trying (but you will) … If this FTP ability is successful I will keep using it, otherwise I will close the FTP again.

For freaks: I use a little updated version of these PROFTPD settings to prevent downloading and some other things ..

Not Good: My own FTP script

My backup FTP script is NOT GOOD.. it exhausted my memory ?? on the webserver caushing the server to ‘crash’ / not react for 4 hours, even connecting my monitor to the server: I could type my username, but login: nope ..

So message to self: how the hell can I FTP 40GB of data via a shell script without exhausting my memory .. <sigh> …

rebooting (fingers always crossed) and after 5 minutes the server was up again

My Simple FTP script

cd /home/backup/server
if [ -e data ]
cd /home/backup/server/data/
ncftp -u $USER -p $PASSWD $HOST << EOT
cd /Volume_1
mkdir `date “+%d-%m-%y”`
cd `date “+%d-%m-%y”`
mput *
cd /home/backup/server
rm -rf data

with some help of Matthijs en of course myself and a little ‘maggi’ I created a bin/bash shell script to backup data (backup of the server) to one of my other FTP server(s)

it checks if the data folder is available and if so than the a ftp session is started, logged on, a folder with the todays date is made and the data is put in that folder. After that the data folder including the content will be removed. Yes I know there is no validation if A = B but I’ve no idea how to accomplish that, but this works in my test environment. This script is saving me about 4 Hours of datatransfer where FTP is showing me a nice 10MB/s where Samba / NFS is showing me a not satisfied performance at all .. (I believe the total amount of data is about 40GB I have to backup everytime … ) ..

hints and tips welcome to have a A=B comparison before removal of the data folder ;-)

20Mbps ADSL Speed


After some testing today I finally have the speed I thought I should get. Stuff and Issues are solved ;-)

First image is a speed test from a FTP server which is

connected at an university computer with 100Mbps. Max speed over 2Mbps is great to see.

if you want to have good usenet speeds go to: 5eurousenet

The second image is the spspeed2_usenet.jpgeed test from Usenet. Earlier this morning: a no go. I was not satisfied, but after 1 hour I finally reached the speed I was thinking I should get.

So all problems solved ;-) My products can finally be tested