YuiXX news: Steve would be impressed ;-)


Running Mozilla on the Conceptronic YuiXX with Intel’s CE3100 SoC

Some leaked specs:
  • 33MB Memory usage of the whole browser application
  • Only 2~6% CPU usage is being used by the browser application
  • Just 1.2 seconds Onetime startup of the browser application

This Application is running at 1080p @ 60Hz, natively on the OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG of the Intel CE 3100 processor.

Enough power is left for other applications like: Multiple Applications in the Widget Channel, Samba, NFS etc.. More surprises will be revealed later.

10 thoughts on “YuiXX news: Steve would be impressed ;-)

  1. Sebastiaan says:

    Since you seem to support internet browsing,
    do you also support usb keyboards to be connected and used as input device?

    (Reason i’m asking is that I intend to sell my HTPC and replace it with the YUIXX,
    but I’ll definetely won’t sell my keyboard in that case)

  2. roddox says:

    looks nice. I hope to see a zoom function similar to the kind i have on my mobile phone web browser.. preferably on the remote or at least mappable to a remote key. I wouldn’t want to do too much reading of fine print on my television but it would be nice to have the option..

  3. Maikel says:

    It says RUNNING Mozilla on it, not running a webserver.

    Browsers don’t support php, since its a server side language, php will return HTML to a browser. So PHP is NOT supported in the mozilla browser.

    If you mean can it build pages that are build from PHP, ofcourse it can cause they are normal HTML.

  4. Delusion says:


    I’m buying it as soon as it’s available ! Always wanted a media streamer with such a nice interface. It looks like Plex or XBMC !!
    Just need to know when it will be release :)

  5. Aaron says:

    Zit nu al een tijdje te wachten op nieuws over de YUIXX, maar helaas. Ik ben erg toe aan een nieuwe mediaplayer. Heb al gekeken naar bijvoorbeeld een hdx1000 of een popcorn hour… maar wil eigenlijk nog niet 1 kopen voor de YUIXX op de markt komt. Is al bekend wanneer we hem ongeveer kunnen verwachten?

    For those who can’t read dutch… i’m sorry.
    I just want to know when we can expect the Yuixx… can’t wait mucht longer :S

  6. freaky says:

    November zover ik gelezen heb. Ik ben ook benieuwd naar de eerste reviews. Maar als de browser ook in staat is om de streams van sbs6 gemist (silverlight plugin) te tonen hebben ze aan mij een van hun eerste kopers voor dit apparaat.

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