Wireless 802.11b

Yeaahhhhh 802.11b rules big big time !

Brough to home a toy .. A toy for my girlfriend .. (For me: homework)

Connected to my ADSL line is a router, at that router we have connected 3 PC’s
and ….. a [Wireless] AccessPoint.

In our livingroom I have a Notebook with W2K .. and because my girlfriend wants to have a webcam running during Christmas, (for showing her cooking skills) I put a Wireless 802.11b PCMCIA card in the notebook .

Yep my girlfriend like this kind of stuff :-) Our home wireless Connected..

Still looking for a solution for my car. Maybe I ask Curry ;-)

Ps: yes 802.11b is expensive for the normal user but I’m very lucky to test those kind of stuff .

My own test environment at home

Ps2: Of course my SSID is: ANY ;-)

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