Dutch Weblog Community

The dutch weblogcommunity is a strange community. That’s what I think.

Do not think global. Think small. The best way to score is to tell everyone that you do not like that webpage or you do not like that piece of text/story due to stupid reasons.

People who think they have made it are sucking deep in their own success till they cannot satisfy themselves anymore. Than they stop and are telling to everyone that weblogging is not satisfying anymore due to the fact that everyone is doing it.

Weblogging is more than only linking and telling about your life.
If you cannot understand this: you do not think globally. You only think about yourself. ‘ Everything for the Hits ‘ ..

Only a few do understand. Only a few do think: I do not care about the hits, it’s my playground, it’s what I want and do. It’s what I want to share.

That’s why I like AC, Jult and some other weblogs: Doing your own thing

fuck the others.

Afterall: Is it and was it the money?

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