If this word does not mean anything for you: never apply for a job in the computer industry.

From March 13-20 in Hannover. I will be there 3 or maybe 4 days. ( I think, I’ve not seen the schedule yet). Talking with factories, potential clients and looking for new stuff.

The company I work for is also one of the exhibitors from Holland

3 thoughts on “Cebit

  1. Dennis says:

    euhhh …
    Walking, talking in Cebit is exhausting ..
    20 / 25 big big exhibition halls ..
    so 3 or 4 days is enough.

    I will visit your booth. Promise.

  2. Jilly says:


    Cebit lasts for 8 days, why do you stay 3-4 days only? I’m afraid you have no time for me!!!


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