Know your danceclassics

1. The Ring – Savage Lover
2. Rick Jamers – Glow
3. Duran Duran – Megamix
4. Kabouter Plop (Yes it’s a classic, cause it’s more than 65 weeks in the Dutch dance charts
5. Georgio Moroder – Disco Cirucus
6. What about: BVD’s (Bond van Doorstarters) Yearmixes 1987 (like Ruud van Rijen) ..

Wauw…. Alcohol .. this kind of music and a lovely girfriend. That’s a good Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Know your danceclassics

  1. Dennis says:

    Y’re welcome to listen
    A lot of danceclassics, rare mixes taken from the mixfreaks mailinglist ..

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