Running Radio

I think Radio is not really the program I want to use.
I cannot get used to it. it does a lot of things I like. I mentioned more than one time; I want webserver enabled tool like Blogger, Moveable Type. Radio is running Local and that’s something I do not like.

2ndly I found that my XML page does not work or cannot be added as ‘ news ‘ page in Radio.

I think radio is simple. Even without explanation I was able to get my radio running at Yeah that’s kewl. Even without registering the Radio Userland I was able to do this. Another strange thing: Re-install/reconfigure: you loose your usernumber, no matter which RCS you use. maybe I am that stupid that that will happen.

So if moveable type can enter, use, publish rss feeds: Thank I will pay the donation.

Radio is a good cup of coffee but not my taste. Maybe some other people can tell I am wrong. But it’s hard to convince me I tell ya. :-)
30 days to go … :-)
Here you can find my weblog.

Another kewl thing is that you can send e-mails and Radio will publish that e-mail at your weblog. negative: Radio must run.

2 thoughts on “Running Radio

  1. Yep, same here. I like Radio. It’s easy to install, to use and to configure. For deelopers, there are plenty of opportunities. o not forget Dave Winer’s drive to make new apps for Radio and pushing the weblogcommunity forward :-)
    But indeed, the biggest downside for me is running it locally. For one, it makes my PC sooooo incredibly slow, furthermore, remote editing wasn’t all that, paths incorrect and so forth.
    I did find It’s Manilla based, so you use Radio remotely. Well sort of. Check it out. I got a demo running on

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