Danceclassics Mix

JBL’s new Crazy Cut Mix of Sly Fox – Commo Tu te Llama turned out to be more then just Sly Fox. he named it “Extreme Beats” because of a 3 minute edit break in it!!!! Guests in this mix are Stephanie Mills, Joyce Sims, Mac Band, Lillo Thomas, Vanessa Williams, NV and Full Force. So if you wanna have more then 7 minutes of edits…download

If you thought the 2 Many DJ’s from Belgian did a good job, you did not hear this. This is much better. This is what I call: q u a l i t y.

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2 thoughts on “Danceclassics Mix

  1. hj says:

    Great mix Dennis,thanks !
    Bought some cd’s in Canada,with lot’s of old stuff like Baby Love-Regina,Clave rocks-Amaretto and Din Daa Daa-George kranz,just great !

  2. Dennis says:

    I’m collecting a lot of danceclassic’s lately
    Thanks to some mixfreaks, and in this case Frans van de Kamp I have now a number of CD’s with very cool old stuff

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