6.30AM got of of bed & made some breakfast
7.00AM in my car to Amersfoort, work is waiting
7.35AM arriving in my office
7.40AM PC on, Espresso Coffee the first of the day many will foloow
8.00AM First meeting
9.30AM ending meeting
9.35AM arriving at my department, taking 1 espresso and checked some documents.
9.45AM another meeting was waiting
11.15AM ending meeting back to the department and checking some E-mail
12.00PM lunch
12.30PM start working again managing the department checked a lot of stuff
15.00PM started to test a new product which is interesting, checking stuff of a student.
17.00PM d iscussed the work of the student and gave him some guidelines
18.00PM running to the car, going to have dinner with my girlfriend in Apeldoorn
18.45PM arriving at home, picking up my girlfriend up to
this was very good mexican food. Toppie
22.10 back home

See you tomorrow

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