damn ..

very strange.. I did everything crontab wanted, but it does not function :-(
crontab needs to start the file: crontab.php that’s all. when I execute the script through my webbrowser it works but crontab tells me: error :-( any expert in the room?

3 thoughts on “damn ..

  1. jult.net says:

    My guess is you should change owner and/or group of the file. Owner is probably admin, group is probably httpd, but that all depends…
    Where are you running it on?
    If it’s on a cobalt machine I can help out.

  2. Dennis says:

    Julius & Karma

    It’s working. It was just the correct notation of the cronjob

    I already new how to update once an hour but I needed a cronjob running ie. every 5 minutes.
    And the */2 * * * * option did the job.
    I’m happy and http://www.aroundmyroom.com/news is running smoothly now. COOL !

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